Addition Design for Home with Swimming Pool in 5th Floor

What do you think of having home with swimming pool in 5th floor in high house? It is an extraordinary design we can enjoy. The swimming pool is located in the fifth floor, in side of other interior design. Form that place, by doing swimming, it allows people enjoying the views around from top side. The swimming pool design is long as well the room size, yet it is rather narrow. This kind of design can be seen in the Tel Aviv Town House 1 designed by Studio Pitsou Kedem Architects.

Fascinating Infinity Swimming Pool with Wooden Deck and Glass Fence

From some pictures related, we can get clearer design of this house. From that extraordinary design of home with swimming pool in 5th floor we can enjoy also the sky views because there is no ceiling and top roof on the swimming pool. Besides the swimming pool, we can see balcony with wooden shapes with some nice white sofas to take a rest while enjoying sky views. Living room at that floor uses dark sofas with grey rug. Two sides of that living room uses glasses wall and other sides become plenty decoration. To reach the fifth floor, there is convolution stairs from hard wood decorated in dark brown.

To reach that fifth floor with swimming pool, there is long stairs in dark hard wood. It also become one of plenty decoration. There are also dining table and kitchen sets besides the living room. It is located in wide room. Wide play wood square table is surrounded with plastic and steel chairs, and then it is placed on brown rug. Kitchen is set in white nuance with glazed materials. From this room, we also can enjoy the out sides views with glasses wall. To decorate the stair, there are also bookcases in some space and other decoration. Overall, from outside views, it can be seen that the building uses most glasses wall.

Interesting City View and Blue Swimming Pool on the Top Floor

This kind of home design looks so extraordinary in high building at center of town. The great view of swimming pool in the fifth for can be great example. Extraordinary design of home with swimming pool in 5th floor additionappears to be able to enjoy fantastic shades when being at that house.

Amazing White Wall and Glass Windows House Front View

Appealing Details Floors with Grey Brick Wall and Black Stairs

Artistic Ground Floor Details with Unique Lamp and Black Stairs

Beautiful Infinity Pool with White Pergola and City View

Cozy Dining Open Space with Wooden Table and Black Chairs

Gorgeous View of the City from Comfortable Living Room

High Building with Glass Widows and White Wall

Modern Black Stairs with Iron Footings and Black Handle

Neat Interior in Kitchen with White Counter and Cozy Dining Area

Tidy Books in the White Bookshelves near Balck Stairs

Unique View Downstairs with Grey Brick Wall and Hardwood Floor

Wide Bathroom with Oval Tub and Wooden Cabinets

Wondeful Transparence Glass Windows and Amazing City View

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