Admiring Drawer Dresser of Stunning Rooms

A contemporary bedroom has a painted drawer dresser with a television mounted on the soft orange wall above it. On the top of the dresser are placed a DVD player to watch movies in the bedroom. The dresser is in pastel blue color mixed with white frame concept. This dresser has old fashioned pulls made of metal. The next room presents a red wooden dresser with the same classical pulls as the previous one has. This bold dresser has nine drawers to keep stuffs inside it.

Drawe Dresser Furniture with Wooden Material in Black Color Style and Traditionals

Another inspiration comes from a kid’s room with a rustic dresser made of pale unvarnished oak. With three drawers and small ball shaped knobs to pull the drawers out, this dresser looks so charming. The next picture has a white drawer dresser with mirror in round shape mounted on the wall above it. This white dresser is so bold between the two smaller dressers on the right and left side of it. Wooden decorative stuffs on the top of the dresser look so amazing.

A rustic wooden dresser painted in blue looks so gorgeous placed in a room with colorful wall art. Six metal knobs installed on this dresser are used as the pullers of the drawers. Vintage decorative stuffs placed on the blue granite top of this dresser to give chic look. Moving from the previous room, we find a picture of a grey room with a yellow dresser on the corner. A beautiful table lamp with white stand and black lamp cover is on the marble top of this adorable dresser. This yellow dresser looks so fascinating in this room.

Drawer Dresser Furniture in Kid's Room with Wooden Material

A classical room design presented by the next room is so suitable to have an old fashioned dresser there. The wooden dresser has two big vases on the top. We hope our descriptions of some pictures containing 3 up to 9 drawer dresser with mirror, with more drawers, or without mirror will be such inspiring ideas for you.

Drawer Dresser Furniture in Nursery Room with Small in White Color Decorations

Drawer Dresser Furniture Used Wooden Material Finished with in Small Living Space

Drawer Dresser Furniture with Blue Color and Modular Shaped Made from Wooden material

Drawer Dresser Furniture with Grey Color Made from Wooden Material Finished in Style

Drawer Dresser Furniture with Industrial Completed with Small Beige Sofa Furniture Decorations

Drawer Dresser Furniture with Small Shaped Finished in Made from Wooden Material

Drawer Dresser Furniture with Used Red Color Decoration Combined with Gold Knobs

Drawer Dresser Furniture with White Color Style and in Small Shaped Decorations

Drawer Dresser Furniture with Yellow Color in Style Combined with Black and White Lampshade

Mediterranean Kids Bedroom with White Drawer Dresser Furniture in Small Decorations

Nursery Room with White Drawer Dresser Furniture

Small Bedroom with White and Green Drawer Dresser Furniture

Small Blue Drawer Dresser Furniture with Soft Blue Colors

Small Drawer Dresser Furniture in with White Color Style and White Table Lampshade Decorations

Small Drawer Dresser Furniture with White and Soft Blue Color

Small Green Drawer Dresser Furniture with Traditionals Made from Wooden Material

Twin Bedding Style with Drawer Dresser Furniture Made from Wooden Material

Bedroom with Drawer Dresser Furniture with Minimalist Decorations

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