Amazing Hotel Building with Metal Panels

You should see unique hotel building of Dream Downtown Hotel designed by Handel Architects. The Dream Downtown Hotel is located in New York City. You will find Dream Downtown Hotel easily at the side road of 16th and 17th Streets. If you look to the picture gallery, then you will see unique hotel with metal material covering the hotel. This twelve-story hotel building shows you metal panels with circle shape that covering the building.

Brilliant Dream Downtown Hotel Lighting System in Gold through Glass Facades in Ground Floor under Perforated Silver Design

Look at to the rooftop of Dream Downtown Hotel and you will see sky bar and restaurant covering with green plants. The metal panels will attract your attention to see the building. You also can find sky bar and lounge that located at the top floor of the hotel. Handel Architects show a beautiful hotel building in unique hotel concept. You can explore the unique side of the hotel not only from the exterior side, but also from the interior side of the hotel.

Go to the rear side and you will find pool area that will make the guest enjoy their time at the swimming pool. You will find modern pool design with comfort sun beds on the poolside. It has unique lobby design with leveling lobby desk in interesting appearance. You also can find spacious lounge area fulfill with tufted couch design in silver metallic color. Look at to the next picture and you will find modern bar and restaurant design. You will see transparent bubble chandelier lamps hanging on the ceiling.

Fabulous Dream Downtown Hotel Restaurant Decorated by Many Enchanting Bulb Chandeliers Large table and Seats Place and Wooden Bench

You will see sophisticated hotel room in silver and white colors combination. You will love to see circular glass windows at the hotel room. It has sophisticated toilet area in silver color domination. You can find spotlight studio lamps at the toilet area. You should see until the last picture. The picture shows you unique hotel design that attracts your attention.

Amazing Outside Swimming Pool Located in Front of Perforated Dream Downtown Hotel Wall Building with Some Lounge Chairs

Amazing Tiles Terrace of Dream Downtown Hotel Using Perforated Silver Roofing in Small and Big Curving Style

Cutting Edge Dream Downtown Hotel Fort in Silver and Wooden Beams Flooring Wooden Stripes and Perforated Wall Included Nice Chandeliers

Cutting Edge Grey Silver Dream Downtown Hotel Prefabricated Building with Perforated Style for Wall and Wooden Entry Gates

Deluxe Dream Downtown Hotel Bedroom Style Using White Bed and Couch Purple and White Pillows in Silver Wall Glass Round Glass

Deluxe Dream Downtown Hotel Seating Furniture in Gold Round Crafted Table and Sofas and Candle on Round Table Seen from a Big Perforate

Elegant Dream Downtown Hotel Decoration in Wooden Vanity and Stainless Steel Sink and Fauce with Big Mirror and Nice Bulb Chandelier

Fabulous Dream Downtown Hotel Porch with White Ceramic floor and Some Lounge Chairs and Flowery Umbrella surrounded by Green Bamboos and Silver Building

Flawless Dresser Room at Dream Downtown Hotel Furniture with Stainless Steel Vanity Countertop with Sink and Mirror in front of Towel Cases

Great Silver Wardrobe in Dream Downtown Hotel for Hanging Clothes with Wooden Syle Inside and Stainless Steel Hanger

Luxurious Dream Downtown Hotel Bedroom Furniture in White Bed and Couch a White Bench White Purple Pillows Wall Painting Orchid and Enchanting Chandelier

Luxurious Dream Downtown Hotel Look Viewed from One Side Nearer in Brick Prefabricated and Perforated Building with Urban Scenery

Magnificent Dream Downtown Hotel Building in Sideway System of Grey Shining Prefabricated and Perforated Wall Design in Circle for Every Room

Magnificent Dream Downtown Hotel Living Area Design in Wooden and Steel Furniture Included Wonderful Crystal Chandelier

Marvelous Dream Downtown Hotel Decoration with Girl Photos on Dark Gray Wall with Some Glass Partitions and Shining Ceiling Lights

Modern Dream Downtown Hotel Decoration in Heart silver and Perforated Shapes Upper Wooden Entrance in Bigger and Smaller Holes

Modern High Dream Downtown Hotel Building Next to Classic Apartment and Edge of Road with different Wall building Style

Opulent Dream Downtown Hotel Lobby Included Long Shining Receptionist Silver Pillar Wall Facades Perforated Silver Wall on Dark Ceramic Flooring

Picturesque Gardening System of Dream Downtown Hotel in Large Opened Swimming Pool with Lounge Chairs on Deck and Greenery Plants

Sophisticated Dream Downtown Hotel Seen from Side Way Included Shining Grey Prefabricated Wall Building in Circle Perforated System

Sophisticated Silver Sinks with Current Lighting Tools in Dream Downtown Hotel Applied in Very Enchanting Grey Wall and Ceiling

Spectacular Grey Prefabricated Dream Downtown Hotel in Circle Perforated Wall in High Class Included Greenery Plants at Top

Stunning Dream Downtown Hotel Furniture Using Silver Seats and Table Covers in Round and Half Circle under Perforated Silver Ceiling

Unique Perforated Building Silver Wall and Brown Wooden Entrance Door with Dream Downtown Hotel Letter Upper Placement

Unique Prefabricated Dream Downtown Hotel Construction in Circle Perforated Wall Building in Grey and Wooden Combination at Ground

Wonderful outside Scenery at Night from Dream Downtown Hotel Loft Deck with Dark Ceramic Floor Unique Chairs and Flowers

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