Apartment Interior Design with Stunning Modern Furniture

Mitchell Channon Design has impressively composed an astounding apartment interior design this contemporary apartment in Chicago. The presence of stunning modern furniture becomes the main point for each room’s arrangement. Some furniture have dazzling hues with high quality material. It apparently produces a very luxurious and gorgeous outlook. And along with some specific material for wall, floor and ceiling such as wood, slate, marble and glass, the whole part of this residence becomes absolutely inspiring.

Concerting Living Room with Cream Sofa Taupe Pillows Under Paintings Lampshade Faced at Millennium Park Mitchell Channon Design

For the living room, slate floor was installed as the best friend for white painted ceiling, warm wooden panels and of course those translucent floor to ceiling windows and doors. Then through accurate apartment interior design ideas, the furniture arrangement was composed and appeared with a lot of playful color, pattern and material. Vivid blue velvet L shaped sofa was added along together with white rectangular coffee table. Some floral patterns in the pillows cushion for the sofa generally escalate the beauty of the room. Moreover, the dining was also completed with stunning turquoise chunky chairs, modern black dining table and minimalist pendant lamp.

In addition, the bedroom also becomes a crucial element which shows a fabulous furniture arrangement. Mosaic wallpaper, modern slate floor and glazing appear as the best background for black wooden bed, orange modern chair, classy wooden cabinets and a unique standing lamp. Another striking decoration was also done for the main corridor. With blonde wooden floor and white painted wall, the corridor was also filled with some dazzling art paintings, and some modern statues as furniture. The atmosphere feels so artistic yet minimalist.

Conspicious Dining Table Flower Under Ceiling Lamp Green Chairs Finished at Millennium Park Mitchell Channon Design

To sum up, this modern house creatively exposes how furniture with stunning colors, shapes and materials will bring beautiful figure. With high quality materials and precise platform for each room arrangement, this dwelling really shows an impressive contemporary style. In conclusion, this apartment decorating ideas example will be a recommended reference for any contemporary furniture and dazzling hues enthusiast.

Chic Galley Kitchen of Millennium Park Mitchell Channon Design with White Countertop the Washtub and Fruits Under White Ceiling Lamp

Clean Hardwood Flooring Corridor Area with Coffe Table Under Candles Paintings of Millennium Park Mitchell Channon Design

Comfy Mocha Grey Chair Beside Stand Lamp Coffe Table Accompanied at Millennium Park Mitchell Channon Design

Cozy Bed Design Between Lampshades on the Drawer Under Paintings at Millennium Park Mitchell Channon Design

Delightful Furnitures of Living Room Such as Glossy Square Table Flower Books and Ashtry Complement at Millennium Park Mitchell Channon Design

Elegant Bedroom with White Duvet and Black Elbows Between Wall Lamps Golden Table at Millennium Park Mitchell Channon Design

Graceful Millennium Park Mitchell Channon Design Living Room with Blue Sofa and Flower of Pillows Facing Triangular Table

Pretty Bathroom in Steel Hues with Sink Under Mirror Red Table Flower Escort at Millennium Park Mitchell Channon Design

Tranquil Egg Chairs and Coffe Table Ashtry Acompanied in Millennium Park Mitchell Channon Design that Stand Lamp Add Concerting in there

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