Artistic Concrete Wall Applying Textured Wall Design

Design of interior wall can be made stunningly and artistically by applying design and style of artistic concrete wall such applied perfectly in a project of house interior decoration of Historic Home in DeLand Florida. This house interior decoration idea had been created by RSB Digital Photography. Design of textured interior wall that had been made in a modern style actually will be able to create a stylish impression of house interior.

Inspiring Living Room Decor of Historic Home in DeLand Florida with Blue Wall Painting with Printed Decoration Added above Fireplace

Bright color design hat is used to design textured interior wall in this house project actually will be able to create a special design of modern house interior with artistic textured interior wall. Design of furniture that is applied in a house interior also uses same color design with color design used to design interior wall. Interior wall looks so interested and artistic such design of interior wall using textured concrete block.

Design of fireplace that is applied in a living room is also designed artistically by using design of textured construction. Soft and bright blue color design is applied perfectly to design the fireplace that looks so artistic by using textured concrete construction. In addition design of furniture that is placed in living room also has an artistic motif, so it will create a special design of furniture style applied in living room.

Stylish Kitchen of Historic Home in DeLand Florida Completed with Stunning Interior with Wooden Floor and Island

On the other hand design of bedroom in this house project is made in a stunning and elegant style by applying glossy wooden material that is applied luxuriously to design floor in bedroom. Besides, simple design of bed construction actually will create a special design of bedroom that is designed naturally by applying glass wall decoration in some sides of bedroom’s wall. In addition design of concrete block colors are also applied to design some sides of bedroom wall in order to look more artistic and stunning in its decoration style.

Stylish Little Venice House by Ama Dining Room with Wooden Bench and Table Matched with Accent Green Chairs

Unique Dining Room of Historic Home in DeLand Florida Furnished with Black Finished Wooden Furniture in Traditional Style Design

Captivating Green Circular Chandelier to Meet Wood Accents of Little Venice House by Ama Dining Room for Natural Tones

White and Wood Dining Room Interior Concept for Little Venice House by Ama Accentuated by Wide Floor to Ceiling Windows

Wonderful Kids Room in Green Floor Combined with White Wall Painting and Furnishing Featured with White Rocking Chair

Attention Grabber Bench with Striped Cushion in Colorful Touch to Furnish Little Venice House by Ama Dining Room

Wonderful Little Venice House Kids Bedroom in Floating Design Furnished with Blue Covered Bed and White Crib

Captivating Home Facade Design wtih Brown and White Coloring Scheme Supported by Lush Vegetation for Tranquil Effect

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