Astonishing Wooden House Involving Dramatic House Exterior

Involving dark colour on its exterior, this wooden house gives us an appearance of dramatic house exterior. The house exterior is decorated by the use of dark wooden clad combined with ample glass elements. This house is a remarkable outcome of Casa Cantagua house project that is designed by Raimundo Anguita. Located among pine woods in Apallar, Valpara’­so, Chile, its dark colour on the exterior creates an impression of humble presence toward this residential building.

Exciting Wooden Deck Design with Barbeque at Casa Cantagua Raimundo Anguita with Outdoor Sofa and Dining Table

The house is perched on a slightly slopped terrain, therefore it is supported by concrete foundation that some of its parts exposed up from the soil. This contemporary building incorporated one of those wooden house designs that have an overhang porch on its facade. The house facade is placed at the end of its elongated shape. There is an installation of glass walls on this house facade in which an open terrace with wooden floor is also embellishes the house exterior.

Contrasted with the exterior, the interior design of the building is so bright. It is because the use of ample glass elements of the house. However a robust wooden element is still presented in its interior. The dark wooden floor is combined with the light wooden clad on the wall to enhance the spatial view of the room. There are some areas inside the house that still use white wall such as this dining room.

Amazing Casa Cantagua Raimundo Anguita Exterior Design with Raised Porch and Glass Entry Door also Plank Wall

This dining room is furnished with a wooden dining table. It is surrounded by the curved dining table that has contemporary furniture design. The contemporary style is also presented on the living room adjacent to this dining area. There is a white sofa that will comfort you in its thick cushion while you can enjoy the wooden terrace of the house and the pine woods in its surrounding. This contemporary residence employing one of those wooden house interior designs that can make the house mingles with its surroundings.

Brilliant Casa Cantagua Raimundo Anguita Exterior Design with Raised Porch Ideas Applied also Clear Glass Window

Exquisite View from Outside Casa Cantagua Raimundo Anguita at Night with Floating Porch from the Ground Use Glass Window

Fabulous Indoor Bridge Above the Living Space Inside the Casa Cantagua Raimundo Anguita with Wood Floor and Glass Balustrade

Fascinating Dining Room Inside Casa Cantagua Raimundo Anguita with Wooden Dining Table Designs and White Chairs

Long and Narrow Hallway Ideas at Casa Cantagua Raimundo Anguita Inside Applied Wooden Floor and Wall Designs

Modern Design and Architecture of Casa Cantagua Raimundo Anguita Exterior with Glass Corner Window also Plank Wall

Stunning Exterior Design of Casa Cantagua Raimundo Anguita with Raised Entry and Porch with Concrete Outdoor Stair

Wonderful Design Casa Cantagua Raimundo Anguita Exterior View Shown the Suspended Porch with Wooden Fence

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