Attractive and Safe Floor Tiles for Shower

Shower is a special place for a person to bathe. Showerhead is the main fixture for the place. It delivers spray of water that can make a person to get great freshness during bathing. Therefore, a shower is also often considered as a wet room. In my opinion, the best floor tiles for the wet room are the ones that don’t have slippery surface. They can prevent the shower users from falls.

chic chandelier embellished bathroom equipped with glass cubical shower vanity bathtub designed with tile floor

The first picture shows you good floor tiles in a shower. The floor tiles come as interesting black pebbles that have non-slippery surface. Thus, they can prevent falls in the shower. The black pebble floor tiles even create natural as well as elegant look. Meanwhile, small black ceramic tiles attach on the shower walls while bringing greater elegance. Ceiling-mount light fixture helps to the shower to appear bright. Glass doors complete the place and giving it modern touch.

Moving to the second picture, there is a shower with tiny square floor tiles in dark colors. With their tiny size, the square tiles create rough surface for the shower floor. Therefore, I also consider them as good and safe choice for shower. The same tiny square tiles are even attached on the shower’s bench and wall. They really enrich the character and texture of the shower. However, there is another wall adorned with larger square tiles in cream color to create variation in look. Sliding glass doors allow you to access the shower easily.

picture frame above modern closet combined with glass cubical shower designed with awesome tile floor

Do you have a shower in your bathroom? If your answer is ‘yes’, then installing non-slippery floor tiles there is a must. Thus, the shower can be safe for everyone, especially kids. Good floor tiles for shower don’t have to come in tiny or small size. As long as they have rough or non-slippery surface, then you can use them.

appealing tile floor for cubical shower equipped with contemporary rain showerhead for cool bathroom design

bench in cubical shower designed with black tile floor also glass door equipped with rain showerhead

ceiling light illuminate cubical shower and designed with tile floor also equipped with rain showerhead

glass door designed for cubical shower equipped with rain showerhead also bench in admirable bathroom

granite countertop attached with washbasin plus faucet overlooking with cubical shower plus tile floor design

modern bathroom present vanity plus mirror combined with cubical shower designed with tile floor

simple vanity plus washbasin and stylish faucet overlooking with bathroom shower designed with tile floor

skylight in cubical shower designed with tile floor also equipped with rain showerhead plus stylish bench

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