Attractive Cliff House Design Catching Sunset Horizon in Spain

This cliff house design is called La Perla del Mediterráneo and situated in a rocky beach cliff in Alicante, Spain. It was designed by Carlos Gilardi in 2013 and carried a modern house design. With the white exterior and dark basement colour, this house looks elegant in a rocky situation on there. It has a nice accent with a simple design that united with the environment around. The beach sounds with a chirping of the seagull completes this house nature sensation.

Comfortable La Perla Del Mediterraneo Carlos Gilardi Outdoor Seating Space with White Grey Chairs and Table

This modern cliff house design has a compact design with a minimalist architecture. There is a green layer on the outdoor flooring that will make this house has a green accent on there. It seems like a mini-golf challenge house with an extravagant design. The stair is connecting the main outdoor space with the out world of this house. There is a large pool facing out the beach. This is a good spot to enjoy the sunset or the blue moon on the night. This house is adopting a modern roofing style with leaving a conventional roofing design. A small garden in there is really impressive with a sell chair in a white accent. You will get a fresh nuance on here.

The interior design of this house is also good with its beautiful appearance. It has a nice and elegant decorating theme with a bright design. The bathroom has a mosaic design with a dark colour. It has a modern laminated flooring design. All furniture is also built in a futuristic design. You also can enjoy the beautiful panorama from inside the house through the transparent window on here.

Incredible White Painted La Perla Del Mediterraneo Carlos Gilardi Building Enhanced with Stone Cladding

Enjoy the breezing air with a beautiful sunset on here. Look at the moving ship with the dance of the seagull on there. You will catch a good panorama with a beautiful house like this. This house is perfect for they who love the beach scenery. Share your thought about this modern cliff house plans and continue scroll down to see more photos.

Amazing La Perla Del Mediterraneo Carlos Gilardi Infinity Swimming Pool Covered by Gridded Cantilever

Attractive La Perla Del Mediterraneo Carlos Gilardi Landscaping Featured with Inground Swimming Pool

Awesome Black and Brass Tiled La Perla Del Mediterraneo Carlos Gilardi Bathroom Interior Wall with Glass

Beautiful Ocean View Seen from La Perla Del Mediterraneo Carlos Gilardi Jacuzzi Surrounded by Glass Balustrade

Bright White and Black La Perla Del Mediterraneo Carlos Gilardi Exterior Involving Link Bridge and Balustrade

Inviting La Perla Del Mediterraneo Carlos Gilardi Inground Swimming Pool with Liners overlooking Ocean

Luxurious La Perla Del Mediterraneo Carlos Gilardi Bath Featured with White Vanity Sanitary and Shower

Unique Shell Shaped Chairs Placed on La Perla Del Mediterraneo Carlos Gilardi Exterior Green Landscape

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