Attractive Wooden House Exterior in Contemporary House

A contemporary house with a wooden house exterior may become a great combination. A house which is situated in 22 OeiTiong Ham Park, Singapore is a good example of that blending. This contemporary home has been designed by AR34 Architects which is an architectural firm that is also operated in Singapore. The house has a great garden filled with trees that stand upright surround the building.

Dark Brown Cages which are Made from Wooden Material

Right at a first glance we can see that wood has become a dominating element that adorn this home exterior design. Starting from the outer part of the house, it has a fence created from concrete with woods planks as its decoration. The fence also has a big wooden gate on it. This wooden gate is covered in a cantilevered roof extended from the house facade to the fence. The combination of the concrete and wooden house exterior design of the fence creates a sense of welcoming ambience toward the house.

Step behind the fence, there is some parts of outside wall of this house that uses woods as its cover. One example of that is the wall which is located above a swimming pool that directly adjacent with the house. This part of wall is covered in a light blonde color of wood planks that stacked horizontally up to the highest part of the wall. To make it more attractive there are some wood planks that arranged extrude from its surrounding. Those extruded wood planks create a unique accent for the exterior wall.

Dark Brown Wooden Caged also Bright Cream Lighting

That extruded wood planks wall is adjacent with wooden window trellis. These wooden trellises come in a darker color than the extruded wood planks walls. The wooden trellises cover huge glazed walls that stand tall from the first story up to the second story of this two story building. To maximize the amount of sun light that comes into the house, the wooden trellis can be turned on its axis to let the interior of the house harness the sun light. The wood house exterior design of this contemporary house is truly attractive and varied in creating a bold house appearance.

Dark Brown Wooden Cages also Big Pool near Blue  Water

Vast Green Grass Garden also Bright White Lighting Inside

Wall which Has Several Lines Level Ornament

Wooden Material also Black Metallic Pergola

Wooden Material also Shiny Marble Outer Floor

Black Colored Wall made from Stone Material also Waterways

Marble also White Colored Ceiling Fan

Soft Grey Floor Made from Concrete Blocks also Dark Brown Wooden Wall

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