Authentic Wall Decoration of Minimalist Rectangular Mansion

Again, Enrique Barberis designs an authentic minimalist mansion which classy Wall Decoration for exterior design. Considering minimalist mansion is made by concrete material for main exterior design, indeed, perforation wall is the most authentic idea. Indeed, this minimalist mansion is looked more authentic compared to similar minimalist mansion.

Marvellous Building Design of Project BLLTT House with White Concrete Wall and Simple Garden Filled with Green Grass

Now, I want to show you some authentic pictures of this perforated wall that is applied as main exterior wall. Moreover, main material for Wall Exterior Decoration is concrete wall so that exterior design of this mansion is totally authentic. With square outdoor pool built at the backyard, this minimalist mansion is clearly perfect. Ceiling lamp that is installed as the main lamp system is also making interior design of this mansion is looked so classy along its minimalist furniture. Yellow color of ceiling lamp is also emerging classic nuance for interior design of this modern mansion.

Considering this minimalist mansion is also designed by applying rectangular design, exterior design of this mansion is looked more incredible along its minimalist exterior decoration. Actually, exterior decoration of this minimalist mansion is not varied, but it is looked so authentic since perforated wall is emerging natural nuance of subtropical plants that surrounding this mansion. Indeed, subtropical plants that are planting surrounding this minimalist mansion are also looked so authentic along with its rectangular design for exterior wall.

Wondrous Terrace Design of Project BLLTT House with Blue Colored Pond and Seeral Green Plant Decoration

Whether this minimalist building is designed by rectangular design, since it has duplex floor, minimalist design is not a matter anymore. Moreover, interior furniture of this mansion is also looked so classy since interior wall of this mansion is also designed by perforated design. Dominated by grey and orange wall’s color, minimalist furniture is looked so incredible along with its floor installation. Hence, wooden floor is indeed also used for main floor embracing authentic nuance of Wall Decoration Design of this mansion.

Enchanting Restroom Design of Project BLLTT House with Soft Brown Wooden Floor and Black Colored Wall

Astonishing Room Design of Project BLLTT House with Soft Brown Floor Made from Wooden Veneer and White Concrete Ceiling

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