Awesome Black Vanity Designs to Bring Elegance into Bathrooms

Vanity is furniture that you can find in bedroom and bathroom. In bedroom, the piece functions as a dressing table that comes with mirror. Meanwhile, bathroom vanity is rather different. It usually comes as a storage unit with countertop and sink. A mirror will be hung on wall behind the bathroom vanity. You can use the piece for brushing teeth and cleaning hands. The storage unit is very functional to keep mall bathroom items, like soaps, toothpaste and towels.

swivel shelf aside black bathroom vanity equipped with mirror above modern washbasin plus faucet

Bathroom vanity is available in various designs and colors. In this post, the main focus is on black bathroom vanity. Before we go further, you need to know that small vanities often become the focal point in bathrooms. They can even determine the bathrooms’ atmosphere. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing a vanity for your own bathroom. If you want to bring elegance into your bathroom, then decorating it with a black vanity is good choice.

The first picture displays a small but captivating black bathroom vanity with functional drawers and cabinet. It’s set in the corner space of a small bathroom with sloping wall. The piece also comes with white round sink and stainless steel arch faucet. Meanwhile, an ellipse mirror in a lovely wooden frame hangs vertically on wall behind the bathroom vanity. Although the vanity is small, it’s functional enough. It even has created elegant feel in the bathroom.

green plants in pot paired with black bathroom vanity equipped with white washbasin plus faucet

Moving to the next picture, there is a larger black bathroom vanity with glossy white countertop. The glossy countertop has built-in ellipse sinks and stainless steel faucets. You can find black storage units underneath the white countertop that include drawers and cabinets. This combination of black and white suggests elegance as well as beauty. The bathroom vanity even integrates with a large mirror. If black is your favorite color, don’t be hesitant to decorate your bathroom with a black vanity to bring elegance.

alluring white closet aside black bathroom vanity fitted big mirror also washbasin plus water tap

black bathroom vanity equipped with storage mirror above washbasin plus faucet also floating desk

tile floor decorate bathroom combined with black vanity plus washbasin under mirror armoire

twin mirror for black bathroom vanity paired with glass washbowl aside modern bathtub

wall cabinet plus twin washbasin and modern faucet for floating black bathroom vanity design

wall light for illuminating black bathroom vanity equipped with mirror above washbasin plus water tap

water tap plus white washbasin under mirror paired with storage for simple black vanity design

white stylish chair overlooking with bathroom vanity plus washbasin under mirror also wall shelf

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