Awesome Gardens from Rock Garden Ideas

Rock could be used to decorate garden in beautiful way. The rocks will give natural and strong performance in garden. Thus, some following ideas present awesome decorations of rock gardens. The first idea delivers tidy arrangement of medium rocks in garden. This garden occupies small space of the landscape. It also becomes one with the lawn behind the brick wall of a house. The rocks in this garden define the space for planting from the green lawn. The rocks perform circular arrangement which impresses tidy naturally fence for the flower and plants landscape. The natural texture of the rocks bring good looking performance among the colorful flowers and green plants. This rocks garden also keeps the plants and flowers from the feet steps. Beside for guard, the rocks in this garden could beautify the performance of small garden in this area.

chic japanese outdoor basin and incredible rock garden with lush vegetation surround plus gravel

Next idea performs wide rocks garden. This wide rock garden presents wide landscape of rocks. The rocks in this landscape mostly have the small sizes. Thus, it looks friendly to occupy the wide landscape in this garden. This rocks landscape defines the lower space of this garden which encompasses the flowers and some green plants. Meanwhile, above the rocks landscape, wooden pathways in raised design look clear to give way in walking above the rocks landscape. The rocks garden in this area could maximize the space of this area. Besides that, the rocks garden performs clean and tidy landscape in natural way.

The last ides shows the rocks garden in vertical path. This rock garden applies rocks to fill the empty space near the wooden fence. The rocks of this garden also come in cemented performance which shows the rocks pathway in vertical shape. For the raised lawn, this rocks garden installs the rocks frame to hold the green raised wall. Well, those ideas present awesome decorations of rocks gardens.

cool hanging flower baskets mounted on wood fence idea feat green backyard lawn and beautiful rock garden

cozy wrought iron chairs feat terracotta flower pots and grasses on stunning rock garden design idea

gorgeous neat garden with rock edging design idea feat lush grasses and white brick exterior wall

lovely rock garden with curved edging and big flower plant pot feat vintage plants fence decor

minimalist rock garden for indoor plus stone japanese lantern and beautiful wooden path

mossy stone and grasses feat red plants plus great rock garden design idea

natural rock garden and lawn plus little stones feat wild grasses picture gallery

rock garden present cute dray pond and curved bridge idea feat cool slab stone bench

wonderful rock garden with stairs feat admirable mismatching flowers and little plants also grasses

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