Awesome Ideas for Hotel Design

Building a hotel is more in the hotel design than on the other thing else. The design of a hotel is a ‘break it or make it’ aspect because all of the guest will firstly see the design out of anything else. Most of people is visually attracted to the design of the hotel they are about to stay in and tend to choose the hotel based on the design. That way, the design is very important to gain your business.

Beautiful Floridian Golf Club Exterior View Lush Vegatations

The design of a hotel is the key to attract guest as well as the feature inside. One of the most popular and attracting features that famous nowadays is the golf field. As we all know, playing golf is more than just a sport now. Golf even considered as diplomatic way in business. You can simply play golf with your business college and do the lobby action on the game. If you want to add golf field feature for your hotel, here is a project from Gregory A. Jones Architecture named “Floridian Golf Club” that could be an example of classical hotel design with golf area.

This golf club has gorgeous classic design with classic styled building on the center used as hotel. As common golf club, it has ultra wide field used as golf field. There are various features on the golf field with multiple geographical profiles for various difficulties. The hotel building is located on the center of the field. It is a three-floor house multi-story feature on the building. The exterior of the house reminds us to typical American house with multiple neat windows in each floor. Meanwhile the interior is well-decorated with classic style design which reflects on the several curving detailing. The stairway for example, has beautiful metal detailing on the banister.

Amazing Staircase Design Floridian Golf Club Living Room

All of the furniture inside is designed with classic style. On the communal space, there is comfort seating with several classic styled sofas and furniture. The prominent classical design on the building and golf field feature is a smart combination to attract guest in hotel business. So, with all of these hotel design ideas, you can now transform your hotel into something fabulous.

Astonishing Floridian Golf Club Interior with Luxury Classic Chandelier

Awesome Traditional Living Room with Antique Furniture Floridian Golf Club

Exciting Floridian Golf Club Exterior View Traditional Home Architecure

Fascinating Porch Design with Classic Bench Floridian Golf Club

Striking Floridian Golf Club Landscape View Green Grass

Stunning Floridian Golf Club Site View Green Lawn

Wonderful Tropical Landscape with Ocean Floridian Golf Club

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