Awesome Inspirations for Modern Styled Home

Due to the urban life we have nowadays, modern styled home is one of the irresistible options to people’s life now. The simplicity on its design is the thing that makes everyone just can’t say no to this home design. Urban people nowadays characterized by their high level mobility and the need to make everything simple and easy. These values are adopted in modern home design and make it an inevitable choice for people nowadays.

Awesome Landscape View Lush Vegetations Home in Parker County

Modern home design is well-known for its simple lines, few instruments and of course the spacy setting. One of the modern styled home characters is the design emphasizing on the layout setting of each instrument in the house, not in the amount of the instrument itself. The room tends to be spacy with just few furniture inside, but each of the furniture is standout and gives contribution to the design. The furniture is also designed with stark lines; gives the interior design a simple character.

If you need some references, here is a project house from Richard Wintersole Architect named “Home in Parker County” that would be a good example of a modern home design. The house has contemporary design with the apartment looks on the exterior. The windows and the doors are all framed with aluminum frame that gives the modern style to the house. The exterior of the house is not much decorated and remains simple to keep the simple impression to the design.

Sleek Contemporary Kitchen Fancy Bar Stools Home in Parker County

While on the interior design, everything is modern and artsy. The kitchen set is compact with on wall cabinet for the kitchen appliances. Every furniture inside has simple stark lines with brown color nuance that match with the entire home design. There are multiple of artworks that decorate the house. Even the stairway has artsy design with metal steps which combined with wooden hand railing. These are some modern home styled ideas that might help you to design your own modern home.

Beautiful Landscape Garden Green Vegetations Home in Parker County

Cozy Living Room Small Glass Coffee Table Home in Parker County

Fascinating Artwork Home in Parker County Interior Decoration Ideas

Gorgeous Kitchen with Extending Kitchen Table Home in Parker County

Modern Home in Parker County Interior Details Fancy Artwork

Striking Home in Parker County Hall with Corner Staircase

Stunning Dining Room with Landscape View Home in Parker County

Traditional Landscape Green Lawn Lush Vegetations Home in Parker County

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