Awesome Pool Designs for Your Exterior Decor

If you are one of those people who take much attention to create luxury house, then adding swimming pool is a must. It boosts up classy and elegant looks for your lovely living place. And pool should be designed in comfy, especially when it is used to give relaxation for people. Here are awesome pool designs you can take inspiration from. Each of these designs has its own unique characteristic and has different impression compared to others.

Gorgeous Modern Style Infinity Awesome Pool Designs Overlooking Natural Landscape

Choosing one awesome pool designs idea is indeed difficult. Let’s check out this lighted pool first, which has strong character at night. The pool is built with recessed light bulbs under water. Meanwhile, there is heart shaped pool built in outdoor space. The idea of this design is pretty intriguing though, along with those white lounge chairs. How about the undefined shape? This pool is in outside surely, but it is built inside the house’s buildings. At the edge of pool it has bench made of granite stone to sit on while playing water.

Gorgeous concrete house is suitable when swimming pool also built next to it. The size of pool is very large and of course comfortable. In this grey themed house, place bright green of curve chaise lounge chairs. Luxurious look can be achieved by planting palm trees around your swimming pool. This is like building additional garden, and don’t forget about mini white lamps planted in the ground which also surrounded the pool.

Awesome Pool Designs White Lounge Modern Style House Exterior

Simple, minimalist, yet gorgeous is what you would say in this outdoor swimming pool. Side of pool is comprised of rugged stones, which look like rustic effect you see in metal material. In the end, choosing awesome pool designs idea is matter of your personal taste. But, it is recommended to pay attention to lighting arrangement as it gives nothing but sparkling effect.

Extravagant Modern Infinity Awesome Pool Designs Ideas Overlooking Sea

Beautiful Infinite Pool Overlooking Ocean Awesome Pool Designs with Waterfront View and Used Minimalist Long Shaped Style

Awesome Pool Designs Natural Green Atmosphere Modern Style

Awesome Pool Designs Indoor with Concrete Tile Flooring for Landscaping Edging and Combined with White Interior Decoration Ideas

Fabulous Minimalist Style Awesome Pool Designs Modern Style Deck Ideas

Powerful Modern Minimalist Awesome Pool Designs with Outdoor Furniture Decoration Used Brown Ceiling Style for Home Inspiration

Sensational round swimming pool design with amazing sunset view awesome pools designs inspiration ideas for ModerN Home

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Awesome Pool Designs Artistic Modern Dashing Minimalist Atmosphere

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