Bamboo Wall Panels for both Indoor and Outdoor Space

There are many ways to decorate your wall interior. You can simply use your favorite color for the paint used, even you can make the walls as a canvas for your artwork, such as making painting on it in certain theme. You can also leave one side of the walls as the wall accent by painting it in contrasting nuance than the others. But today, we will show you the bamboo wall panels that perhaps can inspire you in designing your wall interior by adding texture and natural color in your modern space.

Inexpensive Bamboo Wall Panels in Tropical Interior Home Fancy Upholstered Chairs with Indoor Plants Wooden Floor

Look at this modern living room that is decorated with the beautiful bamboo wall panels as well. Rather than looking rustic and traditional, the bamboo poles used for the wall interior in curved design look really stylish and astonishing. Yet, no color is better for the bamboo than its natural color which you can see in this modern space. The nuance is emphasized by the use of built-in ceiling lightings that expose the golden tone beautifully, making the details on the bamboo pole stand out easily. Besides, this curvy space also equips the modern sofa with curved design too which makes this room looks spacious by leaving more space available on the center of the room.

What about the woven bamboo panel? The beautiful natural color of the bamboo will be the perfect match for your modern space, just like the eclectic and spacious living room below. The woven bamboo details can be seen not only on the wall panels, but also the furniture like the chairs, cabinetry, and ceilings. As to contrast the lighter shade of the woven bamboo, the furniture is chosen in darker shade like walnut. On the living room space, you can see the seating is chosen in yellow color that looks beautiful under the golden lighting from the desk lamp.

Awesome Bamboo Wall Panels in Bedroom Interior Design Rustic Bedroom Design with Day Bed And Stunning Direct View

When your indoor space is already perfect and beautiful, you can bring the bamboo panels to your outdoor space as your beautiful bamboo wall panels idea. Look at this refreshing and relaxing patio that uses the bamboo panels as the barrier or partition with outdoor space. The natural material will blend perfectly with the natural green surrounding, thus making this outdoor space as your serenity where you can find peace and calm easily. Notice the splash of royal purple decorating this space and you can see it on the bamboo panels as well as the pots where the bamboo plants are placed.

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