Beautiful House Decorated with Chic Interior Design

The house which is built in big and large area with the concept of beautiful house can be seen at the house which is designed by Eduarda Correa. The house which is located in Morro do Chapeu, Bahia, Brazil looks beautiful looked from the facade. The combination of wooden material and stones makes the house looks elegant. The transparent glass windows and walls also make the house looks fantastic and beautiful.

Beautiful Evening View from this House Idea that Represents the Beautiful Appearance from this House Exterior Finishing

Looked from the inside house, this beautiful house plans look complex. The design of the roof looks beautiful. The wooden roof is combined with the aluminum beams and support. At the first floor, we can see that the ceiling is made of wooden material which is colored in brown. The black columns in square shape design used inside the house make the room also looks beautiful. The lamps attached on the columns and walls makes the room is not only looks bright but it also makes the room becomes beautiful. The small plants used as the room decoration makes the room become live.

The living room which is decorated with the white and black furniture looks elegant. The white sofa with cushions is located face to the glass wall. A rectangle glass table in front of the sofa looks elegant. A black chair is also used in this room which is put beside the white sofa. The white furniture is also used to decorate the family room. The white sofa, four arm chairs, and two square tables are used in the family room. A square glass table is located in front of the white sofa. This room is also available with a fireplace which is located at the edge of the room that makes the room becomes warm.

Beautiful Flooring Wood Excess with the Sleek and Natural Design from the Floor that Makes this House so Gorgeous

At the sixth picture, the room is decorated with the white sofa located behind a wooden long dresser. A white lounge chair is put near the wall. The beautiful house plans and designs makes this house looks wonderful.

Artistic Ornaments with the Creative Idea that is Going to Enhance the Appearance from this House Interior Idea

Captivating Additional Decoration Using the Personal Items Design to Enhance the House Interior Decor Design Idea

Captivating Exterior House Design which is Similar with the Wonderful Palace Design with the Large Garden Idea from the House Exterior

Dazzling Design from the Wooden Detail of the Ceiling of House Idea which is Decorated Well with the Great Structure Design

Elegant Interior from the Beautiful Details of the House Design with the Stunning Furniture Design Idea

Entertaining Interior Home Cinema with the Comfortable Design for us in Enjoying our Beloved Movies Inside the House

Glossy Piano Furniture Finish which is Completed with the Great Elegance to Make this House Better in the Appearance Design Idea

Great and Stnning Details Interior Design of House which Appears to Enhance the Creative Design from this House Decoration Idea

Great night View Landscape Design with the Large Dimension of the Garden which Makes the Gathering Activity Better in this Garden Idea

Green Lawn Garden Exterior Which Becomes the Wonderful View from the House Interior Idea to Amaze People who Stay in the House

High Ceiling Design with the Gorgeos Decor Inside the House Interior Decoration that is Going to Enhance the House Design

Interesting Palace Nearby the Mountain House Design which is also Equipped with the Great Lobby Design Inside the House

Narrow Dining Space Design with the Sophisticated Atmosphere that Suits with the House Theme Interior Decoration Design

Small Bar Design with the Lovely Wine Cellar that is Equipped with the Textured Wall Design to Increase the Rustic View of the House

Traditional Wine Rooms Design with the Large Bar Design to Allow us in Storing our Beloved Collection of Wine Safely inside this Wine Room

Unique Zen Garden Design which Makes the House is Fulfilled with the Green Oasis Decoration inside the Home Interior Idea

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