Beautiful House Garden in the Suburb Area in Sydney – Australia

Preserving the natural atmosphere in the house garden can be an inspiring idea since you can make the house look fresher. This design is probably underlying the exterior greenery concept which is adopted by Pearse Architects for the Birchgrove House. Located in the suburb area of Sydney, this house really exposes its natural concept by the beautiful garden design on which you can find various type of vegetation arranged in such ways which enhance this beautiful garden. In addition, the other stuffs also decorate this outside area and outfit the natural concept of this garden.

Grey Colored Entrance Stair Made from Concrete also Liitle Pond Garden

The bold design of the garden is shown from the front of this house. The compiled greenery is always pleasing the eyes as they also produce the fresh air and cool atmosphere to this house. The house garden ideas can be a good of which the house will look synchronize with the nature of this suburb area. Moreover, there are various vegetation enlivens the natural richness of this sub-tropical country. The combination of the trees, flowers and bushes is explained in this front yard. You can see the heterogeneous colors tone blended naturally representing the pleasing ambient of natural forest.

The expression of natural sub-tropical forest is expressed by the grown high trees which play as the canopy that shade the ground calmly. The soft and calm situation is very suitable to make some additional touch which can support the owner. Two outdoor seats which adopt the light green color are placed in this shady garden so that everyone can enjoy this cool and calm situation in a casual comfort. The refreshing nuance is enriched by a small pound which adjoins the house terrace. This pound also creates a nice transition between the house and garden.

Green Lime Colored Butterfly Chairs which Has Black Metallic Frame

Impressive house design which connects the interior and outdoor is the living room. The sliding large windows which can be opened completely make this room flexible as a luxurious terrace. This open air room lets the fresh air flow to the house and improves the lively atmosphere in this warm house. Finally, front house garden ideas are wonderful since the combination can enhance the homey space.

Dark Brown Entrance Door which is Made from Wooden Material

Kitchen Island Made from Wooden Material also Black Marble Surface

Light Brown Wooden Floor also Little Soft Low Chair in the Terrace

Light Brown Wooden Floor also Black Colored Classic Piano

Brown Chairs also Light Brown Dining Table Made from Wood

White Ceiling Made from Concrete also Black Concrete Frame

White Concrete Ceiling also Bright White Lighting

White Concrete Ceiling also Circle Shaped Skylight on the Ceiling

Wooden Floor also Circle Shaped Skylight on the Ceiling

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