Beautiful Single Family Home Design: Casa 2G

Casa 2G is a beautiful single family home creation that located in the beautiful residential area of Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico. This incredible modern home design is created by S-AR Studio and it is specially developed to be able to provide such an amazing living space for small family. Form the modern style facade design; we can clearly see that this awesome home design tries to expose simplicity and modernity in its design creation. This beautiful contemporary home design can become such a great example of modernity develops in our house design creation, isn’t it?

Cozy Black Chairs and Black Ottoman in Casa 2g Sar Sitting Space with Grey Concrete Floor

The single family home floor plans that applied in this superb family house design are something that leads this house to spectacular interior decoration. One of the interior parts that will able to show that kind of beautiful space setting is the front porch. This is a highly modern front porch design that equipped with nice outdoor furniture that made from steel. This wonderful porch is located alongside the entrance of this beautiful home design. In the inner part of this wonderful home design creation, moreover, you will also able to see the real ability of the designer in developing the design in this house.

Since this perfect modern style home design is created for family living space purposes, there are some outdoor free spaces that can become such a great area for the kids to play. Those outdoor areas are not undecorated; there is a nice wooden deck that covers most of the part. This wooden deck make this house looks even more modern.

Awesome Terrace of Casa 2g Sar with Black Handrail and White Chairs near Wide Glass Walls

The design that developed by the designer of this gorgeous modern style home design can possibly become a great reference for other creation, isn’t it? Single family home plans that we can see in this house is very simple, but simplicity can means beauty, isn’t it?

Appealing Patio of Casa 2g Sar with White Chairs and Grey Concrete Floor under Concrete Canopy

Fabulous Bedroom with Wide Bed and Natural Wooden Headboard inside Casa 2g Sar under Concrete Ceiling

Fascinating Interior of Casa 2g Sar with Grey Concrete Wall and Black Bench near Glass Walls

Perfect Details in the Casa 2g Sar Design Plan with Comfortable Room and the Wonderful Ornaments

Simple Corridor inside the Casa 2g Sar with the Grey Concrete Wall and Long Grey Floor

Unique Entrance Space of Casa 2g Sar with Black Door and Small Canopy above Black Staircase

Stunning View of the Casa 2g Sar Patio with the Grey Concrete Floor and Concrete Canopy

Wide Glass Windows in Casa 2g Sar Exterior with Grey Concrete Wall and Wooden Deck near Pebble Space

Wonderful Casa 2g Sar Design Plan with Wide Building and Flat Roof near the Glass Walls

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