Bedroom Design Performing Eclectic Splendor

Are you bored with typical bedroom design? This Casa Cor offers you with the fascinating design of a master bedroom. Arranged by Gisele Taranto Architecture, the interior arrangement of this master bedroom declares the absolute luxury of a bedroom interior. The furniture applied in this bedroom is in various styles, starts from classic until the contemporary ones. The decoration presented in this interior is the artistic feature of contemporary painting. The color is dominated by neutral colors and has earth color accent. It makes this bedroom has the eclectic look in contemporary style.

Awesome Works of Art Added above Bed and Drawers for More Imposing Interior Decor of Casa Cor Bedroom

The bedding is in modern design with headboard in squared black and white motives. Black silk duvet coves this bedding strengthening the deluxe look of this luxurious bedroom design. The neutral colored interior wall looks perfect with the carpet under the bed with similar color as the wall. Modern night stand is placed besides the bedding radiating soft yellow light. Sleek wooden cabinet is placed in the other side of the bed. Wooden flooring in dark color makes this bedroom looks classy and elegant.

The workspace is located in the corner of this house. It has wooden working desk made of wood. This wooden working desk gives earth color among these neutral colors. Contemporary chair in stylish design is placed behind this desk. The bookshelves are designed in practical style. It is in the recessed style on the wall behind the workspace. Some contemporary paintings are placed on the wall by these bookshelves.

Cozy Bedroom Design with Office of Casa Cor by Gisele Taranto Architecture Featured with Ambient Lighting on Wall and Ceiling

The natural feel in this master bedroom can be clearly felt. Natural color is also presented by wooden cabinet designed in traditional style. A contemporary sofa in blue color is placed in front of this traditional cabinet. Abstract painting dominated by pink and vivid orange is on the wall over this wooden cabinet. Eclectic bedroom design can present the unique luxury in sophisticated way.

Impressive Folded Style Ceiling with Hidden Lighting Completing Stylish Architecture and Interior Design of Casa Cor

Simple Modern Side Table in Rectangular Design Completed with Stylish Table Lamp Added beside Modern Bed of Casa Cor Bedroom

Comfortable Casa Cor by Gisele Taranto Architecture Bedroom Interior Design Equipped with Sitting Space at Corner

Long Grey Carpet Connecting Modern Bed with Sitting Area with Wooden Drawers Nearby Completed with Artworks above

Stylish Bedroom of Casa Cor by Gisele Taranto Architecture Completed with Modern Low Profile Bed and Home Office Area

Open Style Bed and Office Completed with Lazy Armchair with Throw and Side Table Added for Easy Flow Casa Cor Design

Stylish Black Rounded Side Tables with Decorative Accessories Added to Complete Modern Bed of Casa Cor Bedroom

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