Bike Storage Ideas in Maximizing the Space Available

If you or someone in your home, like your husband, wife, or your kids, happen to be a sport fan, especially biking, have you ever encountered the storage problem for your bike? Bike might be much smaller, especially if it is compared to your car, but it is still a fuss when your garage has been fully occupied for your car only. Besides, you will have to keep your garage organized as well to avoid the mess. Thus, today we will show you the bike storage ideas you can use as your inspiration in avoiding the messed up look in your garage and making sure your lovely bike is treated well.

Creative Bike Storage Ideas in Traditional Home Garage Design with Open Wall Shelving

Looking at this situation, you can see this neat and tidy storage solution as one of the creative bike storage ideas for your garage using the hanging storage and floating shelves to avoid thing touching the floors. You can store your bike vertically on the hanging storage rather than leaving them on the floor where they can be accidentally crushed by your car. You can also use the storage boxes or containers to store smaller items and place the boxes or containers on the floating shelves. This way, your garage is more likely free from the messed up look and you do not have to waste more effort in cleaning the floors from small items when you are about to get the car inside.

If you happen to have to store more bikes inside your garage, the vertical bike hooks will help your bikes organized and your garage tidy as well. Besides, you do not have to be involved in a fuss to reorganize your bike anytime you are going to get your car inside the garage. Other way, you can maximize the space below your staircase on your garage or basement as the storage space for your bike. It is because the space below the stair is often left unused.

Smart Living Room Decoration Wall Hook Bike Storage Ideas Modern Family Room Orange Sofa with Dresser Table

But if you live in a small space, like apartment, where you do not have garage for you, perhaps this can be one of the creative bike storage solution ideas you can use as your inspiration. You can just simply bring your bike inside your room! You can take a look at this stylish loft, where the bikes are hanging on the wall using the wall-mounted bike hooks. The bikes instantly become the décor in this white and bright room too!

Stunning Bike Storage Ideas Artistic Interior Exposed Brick Wall Rustic Staircase Design Old Picture Frame

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Wonderful Bike Storage Ideas Wall Hanging Wooden Design Modern Minimalist Interior with Smart Saving Space Yellow Bike

Awesome Hanging Style Bike Storage Ideas with Rope Modern Design Home Interior Creative Saving Space Decor

Awesome Wall Bike Storage Ideas with Helmets Shelving in Home Interior Striking Modern Garage Design Interior

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Modern Bike Storage Ideas with Modern Wall Hanging Design Blue Painted Wall Hanging Bike from Ceiling

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Rustic Bike Storage Ideas in Garage Storage Interior Unorganized Garage Decor with Appliances

Simple And Powerful Bike Storage Ideas from Wooden Materials and Wooden Flooring with Two Bikes

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