Bird Feeder Design to Enjoy Birds Song in the Morning

With this bird feeder design, you can hear the songs of the birds very often now. You can put the feeders in your garden, in your backyard, or even right outside your window. You can make it by yourself, with simple tools and materials you find at home. There are several ideas you can do to create the feeders.

Awesome Design of Nwc Teacup Bird Feeder on Autumn Tree Used Tape as Hanger Beautified the Dull Garden

The bird feeder design ideas involve little bird seed that can be molded in various shapes like stars, circles, or whatever you like. You can mold them with the help of cookie cutters. First, you need to mix the bird seed with gelatin and water. Put the mixture in the mold, and add a string to hang it. Then, let it dry overnight. When it’s already dry, you can remove the mold and hang it anywhere you like.

You can also make the bird feeder with your plate or bowl. The idea is so simple. You just need to make them facing each other with the plate’s position is upside down. Drill a hole on both the plate and bowl, then attach a bolt. When you hang it, the bowl will serve as the container of the seed, while the plate will be the umbrella for the bird. You can also make the feeders by wrapping the seed with soft fabric, and attach it with lace.

Beautiful Bird Feeder Collage Birds Design Ideas Made from Ceramic with Colorful Stripes Bowl with an Umbrella

Another simple project can be made with plastic bottle. With a cutter, you can make a hole in the middle of the bottle and attach a hanger. The other version of this design is by putting the bottle upside down, and adding a shallow recipient underneath. The seed will go down into the recipient each time the birds eat them. There are more homemade bird feeder ideas like the one made of popsicle sticks or colorful fruit loops.

Creative Design of Holiday Bird Feeder Design Ideas Used Orange Hide Hung on Pine Tree with Rope

Exciting Design of Bird Feeder Made from Plastic Coke Bottle with Wood Tray for Outdoor Usage Shown also Brick Wall

Exquisite Ice Cream Stikcs Bird Feeder Design Ideas for Traditional Hung on Ceiling Decorated with Some Planters

Fancy Feed Diy Bird Design Ideas Formed Like a Star Hung on Tree at House Backyard USed Striped Rope

Fascinating Design of Red Chick Bird Feeder Hung on Autumn Tree with Couple Birds Decorated the Backyard

Traditional Design of Bird Feeder Made from Glass Jar for Exterior Decoration on Wood Shelf Beside Green Plant

Colorful Wine Bottles Bird Feeder Design Ideas on Small Plate for Outdoor Decoration Placed on Wood Porch Railing

Brilliant Design of Bird Feeder Used Colorful Tape to Hang up the Feed on Trees or Ceiling Outside the House

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