Bookshelf Design in Unique Design and Idea

Bookshelf is functioned not only as a storage space for your books or magazines. It is also used to display your decorative items and memorabilia as well. Since it is often used as part of your interior design, it is really important for you to mind about the bookshelf design as well. This way, your bookshelf will be not only functional but also stunning and eye-pleasing. You can even design yours in unique and creative design too, which will make your room looks more attractive with your personal touch as to differ your room with others.

Small Oblique Bookshelf Designs Ideas with Wooden Material Minimalist Room Furniture Saving Effectively your Space

Today, we will show you some designs you can use when you are about adding bookshelf as part of your room, either it is living room or bedroom. Now, we will start with unique and whimsical appearance of this eclectic living room. The wooden bookshelf may be just like any ordinary wall bookshelf. But, this lovely bookshelf design is also decorated with the unique design for the living room. The bright look is resulted from the use of transparent glass extensively, either as the windows or the sliding doors. The items placed within this eclectic space are just as unique as the items stored on the shelf. Notice the contemporary lighting in rounded shape and the ropes on the corner of the room as to add the adventurous feeling.

When you prefer the modern design with minimalist detail for your living room, this bookshelf idea perhaps can be your inspiration. This unique white shelf is designed with slope, approximately 45 degrees, rather than the normal one with horizontal slope. Without additional fuss or effort, this unique bookshelf instantly becomes the attention stealer for your guests visiting your home. The colorful splash from the book covers stored in this shelf will add more colors instantly and becomes the perfect choice to backsplash your wall-mounted TV. This way, you will be entertained not only by your favorite TV program, but also the unique and colorful splash from the shelf.

Unique Bookshelf Designs in White Interior Decoration Modern Home Office with Stylish Learning Desk Red Chair

Adding the bookshelf is also useful when you want to add splash of color while maintaining the minimalist appearance in your modern bedroom, especially when you have small room for you. Look at this white and clean bedroom that successfully uses the built-in one as the lovely bookshelf design idea in the same color as the white walls. The books or items stored there will add splashes of color instantly. Besides, you can maximize the wall space available too, so you can make your small bedroom looks more spacious.

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