Budget Home Renovation with Stunning Result

Welcome to a budget home renovation in elegant and stylish interior design. It is amazing to see the new interior design of this apartment after the renovation project done. This beautiful apartment is located in Kfar, Israel. It has stylish interior design that you will love to see. Look at to the entrance door design and you will not believe how attractive the entrance door is. It has curved entrance door in asymmetrical design.

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You also will love to see the artistic carved design of the door surface. Now, open the door and you should step in to see the interior design of the apartment. This stunning apartment represents stylish budget home renovationin beautiful way. It has a stylish living room with built-in fireplace design and glass cover. You also can see L-shape modern sofa in grey color at the living room. It looks nice to see smooth wooden floors around the house.

This apartment shows you an open floor concept room. You will love to see the kitchen room that located right beside the living room. It has modern kitchen design with red lower cabinet and white upper cabinet. One thing that you will love from this kitchen room is the illuminated lighting system in yellow color under the upper cabinet. The kitchen room also looks cool with granite countertops. You will find chick-dining area with round wooden table and stylish chairs in different styles.

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You also can see white custom bookshelf that located at the threshold of the dining area. The apartment has modern home office with sleek writing desk and leather adjustable chair. It has simple bedroom design with pastel wall paints around the room. You also will find a stylish narrow bathroom with modern sink design. Everything looks great in the stylish budget home renovation design that you ever see.

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