Cafe Design Concept with Wooden Materials from Starbucks Coffee Lab

A giant Starbucks in Amsterdam had applied a fantastic cafe design concept with woods as its main materials. This beautiful cafe is located in Rembrandt Square, and been created by a designer named Liz Muller. See the first picture given here. You will see lots of wooden blocks been stuck together as the ceiling. Some built-in lamps there exude the lights in a unique way too. Right under the ceiling, a long wooden table with lots of yellow chairs is provided to spoil the customers. Other wooden items are also spread everywhere there. Let’s check it out more.

All Wood Materials Furnitures and the Dressers instead of Vault

The next picture shows you a simple part of the second level of the Starbucks cafe. This area has woods as the hand rails of the border, and glass for the balustrade. Smaller wooden tables are here, with capacity to accommodate two people only. The combination between all of them is amazing! If you are familiar with the symbol of the Starbucks, you can see it in the glass window of the cafe. That window is been created near a hallway to be accessed by the visitors. The hallway here has high ceiling with wooden blocks and wooden pillars as the cantilevers. Don’t you think the cafe design concept is perfect?

The bar is able to be seen in the next picture. A simple table like Kitchen Island is made from wooden materials with its own unique pattern. Granite stones as its countertop also beautify its appearance. As long as you spread your views, wooden ceiling and built-in lamps are everywhere to enlightening the cafe. Not far from that area, a staircase will take you upstairs. The next image shows you the stairs and the upstairs. Asymmetric wooden blocks are arranged together in a wall. It adds another simple of beauty looks to the cafe. For the other items, you can analyze them by yourself.

Traditional Wood Boards for the Dresser instead of Vault

Last one picture shows you the first main area of the cafe with the long wooden table. But, this one is from a different corner, and closer view. The long table has curved end, almost shaping an oval design. The yellow chairs there is reach up to 17 items. Behind them all, 2 pairs of armed sofa and their small tables are provided too. Maybe you can pick some ideas of cafe design concept through the photos to be applied in your house.

Dressers as the Vault in the Cafe

Modern Concept Store in Using Wooden Dressers instead of Vault

Small Table and Arm Chairs at the Corner with Wooden Dresser instead of Vault

Wood Sticks on the Ceiling instead of Modern Vault

Direction Board attach on the Wooden Ceiling

Wood Table and Arm Chairs with Wooden Dresser instead of Vault

Wooden Dressers in the Kitchen instead of Vault

Wooden Sticks on the Ceiling and Wood Dressers instead of Vault

Wooden Table and Chairs instead of the Vault

Wooden Vault nearby the Lounge Space in Cafe

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