Cafe Interior Design with Calming and Relaxing Vibe

If you have a chance to visit Pristina, Kosovo, we suggest you to visit a certain cafe house to amaze this cafe interior design. Named as Don Cafe House, this is a beautiful place for you to take a rest while exploring the beauty of this city all day. The talented team from Innarch, the one responsible for this cafe interior, designs this cafe as inspired by the way the coffee grains fill a sack.

Adorable Don Cafe House with Wavy Wall Veneer from Wooden Material also Vinatge Furnishings with Chandelier Lamps Covered by Rattan Chair

As you enter this cafe house, you will be greeted by the gorgeous warm interior. The choice of warm color palette, which mimics the color of coffee sack perfectly, as the main feature for the cafe interior design ideas here is simply comforting and calming, right? The seating are mixed with round wooden table designed with coffee grain-like detail to create a beautiful flow while leaving no one left perfectly alone.

If you come by yourself to this cafe and feel awkward to take a seat at one of those seats, there is this bar perfect for you. Featuring a gorgeous dark wooden table, this bar offers the comfort from its beautiful wooden stools. Here, you can simply chat with the baristas or simply talk to the one beside you.

Well, we are sure you have noticed this as we take a look inside this cafe. Look at the splendid lighting fixture design for the pendants! There, you will find a series of coffee grain-inspired lighting. We simply adore the careful design which allows these pendant lamps to blend flawlessly with the surroundings, thus creating the real impression which reminds you of the real coffee grains.

Chic Don Cafe House with Chandelier Lamps and Rattan Shade also Vintage Furniture and Ceramic Tiles and Wavy Wall Venneer and Kitchen Decoration

The illusion is also well created by the spectacular wavy accent wall. Showcasing the textured wooden wall with matching warm color, this accent wall itself is simply amazing. See how this wall is carefully designed and shaped to create a cozy seating as well. After all, we find that this inspiring cafe is a great one to influence any coffee shop interior design don’t you feel the same?

Astonishing Don Cafe House with Wooden Furniture also Ceramic Tiles also Glass Balustrade with Glass Window and Artistic Wall Veneer

Classy Don Cafe House with Wavy Wooden Wall Veneer also Wood Coffee Table and Suede Chairs and Chandelier Lamps with Rattan Lampshade

Delightful Don Cafe House with Chandelier Lamps with Rattan Lampshade also Concrete Ceiling with Stage Lamps also Wavy Interior Wall Veneer

Deluxe Don Cafe House with Wavy Wall Veneer also Concrete Interior Column and Chandelier Lamp also Rattan Lampshade with Wood Coffee Table

Imposing Don Cafe House with Wavy Wall Veneer also Wooden Stage and Glass Furnishings with Authentic Kitchen Utensils

Magnificent Don Cafe House with Marble Floor Installation also Chandelier Lamp with Rattan Shade also Ceiling Decoration with Stage Lamps

Stunning Don Cafe House with Small Wood Coffee Table also Wavy Interior Wall Veneer also Chandelier Lamp with Artistic Lamp Installation

Vivacious Don Cafe House with Wavy Interior Wall Veneer also Chandelier Lamp with Wood Lampshade and Artistic Design of Interior Design

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