Cantilever House Design Built among Expansive Green Yard

The Grand Pinklao with its cantilever house design is very captivating. It’s just like a hill side house and maybe mountain side home. It is simple but it has charismatic so people who see it will be amaze. It stands among the wide green areas look like golf field. A lot of pine trees are planted fertile around it and looks apt with the construction building. Just like another cantilever buildings, it has elongated building and completed with flat roof design.

Awesome Grand Pinklao Clubhouse Officeat Exterior Design Volume House with Sunken Terrace Under the Living Room

This project is located in Bangkok and far from the city. The flat roof design is wrapped with wood material. Under the wood, the tempered glass protects the long building. It is transparent, so it is very visible to see the outside and inside parts. These cantilever house plans are created by Officeat with their creativity. Under the stage building design, there is a patio which is furnished with club chairs. The wooden staircase is also created to reach the main space.

To come to the semi opened basement, the cement entry staircase is available. The living space is very plush with the long wooden planks which are constructed in vertical line. The wooden ceiling panel is added with a lot of built in lamps. The room which is used to meeting and talking is designed in tapered shape. The triangle glass wall is mixed with pastel brown granite panel. Black leather swivel chairs are integrated with rounded glass table.

Amazing Backyard Landscape with Clean Green Lawn and Pine Trees at Grand Pinklao Clubhouse Officeat Shown Suspended House

The rest room is furnished with floating cambria cabinet and white basin. The small gardening is created here. It consists of black and white pebbles which complete the green grasses. The attractive decoration which is located in the outside of this house is fresh. It is a water fountain which appears from the black faux stone. The long cantilever home plans which are equipped with outdoor swimming pool and water feature are very relax.

Beautiful Swimming Pool View at Night Enlightened by Underwater Lamps Outside the Grand Pinklao Clubhouse Officeat with Wooden Deck

Brilliant Grand Pinklao Clubhouse Officeat Exterior Ideas with Granite Fence also Floor to Ceiling Glass Window Design

Contemporary Design of Grand Pinklao Clubhouse Officeat Open Terrace with Glass Balustrade and Metal Bars

Enchanting Staircase Design in Grand Pinklao Clubhouse Officeat with Bars and Metal Stairs Rod also Glass Balustrade

Marvelous Grand Pinklao Clubhouse Officeat Wooden Deck and Illuminated Pool Design View Night with Small Staircase

Modern Landscape Garden with Hidden Patio at Grand Pinklao Clubhouse Officeat Surrounded Green Vegetations and Concrete Fence

Appealing Bathroom with Covered Garden at Grand Pinklao Clubhouse Officeat with Floating Vanity and Frameless Mirror

Sleek Transparent Pool Design at Grand Pinklao Clubhouse Officeat with Granite Wall and Water Feature Beside the Pool

Stunning Grand Pinklao Clubhouse Officeat Design Exterior with Large Green Lawn and Pine Tree Shown also Suspended Terrace

Wonderful Design of Grand Pinklao Clubhouse Officeat Suspended Architecture with Open Terrace Under the Main Floor

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