Casual Home Design with Cozy Room Atmosphere

Here, you will see the performance of the casual home design. This house concept is designed for winter season. So, you can feel warm in this winter. This home is called White Pearl Chalet. It is designed by Philippe. If you want to create comfortable house which is designed for winter season, you try to see these pictures here. Probably, they will help you to find out best house plan for you.

Beauiful Outside View of the Chalet White Pearl Snowy Environment and Pinery Invisible Entry from Little Distance View

See these pictures here. The house is designed with wooden wall and glass windows. You can see much snow on the roof. This house is designed with many levels. Anyway, almost all of these levels have the deck. The deck is designed with wooden railing or wooden handrail. It is casual home design ideas with chic looking. See the living room then. The grey sofas stand with the white and black feather pillows. In the corner of this room is the black storage with classy lamp holder.

See, there is dining table next to the living room. There are some grey chairs around the oak table. There are many cutleries on the table. In the middle of the table is the glass bowl candle holder. Above them is the lighting system with big black lampshade. Anyway, they stand on the white oak flooring and under the oak ceiling. Next to them is the decoration. You can see the window with the curtain. Next to the window is the cupboard. You can put many things to increase room performance in that cupboard.

Adorable Bedroom Design Inside the Chalet White Pearl with Neutral Decoration Furniture Showing King Size Bed on Cream Carpet

After that, let’s see the bedroom performance. This bedroom is designed in pretty large size. The white bed stands in front of the windows. There are white pillows on the bed. The bed stands on the brown carpet. In this bed, you can see the yellow armchair with the small pillows. For casual home decorating, this room applies some paintings which are adhering on the wall.

Awesome View from Distance Chalet White Pearl WHite Snow Around it a Traditional Detached Home at the Valley Site

Beautiful Indoor Swimming Pool Design at the Chalet White Pearl Decor with Indoor Plants and Modern Bean Sofas Around it

Charming Contemporary Bedroom Design at the Chalet White Pearl Show the Queen Size Bed and Wall Picture to Decor Minimalist

Chic Minimalist Bedroom in the Chalet White Pearl Under the Beams Ceiling Decorated with Twin Window Above the Sideboard

Cozy Family Room Decor Idea with Fabric Sofa and Darkwood Coffee Table Below the Beams Ceiling Chalet White Pearl

Elegant Dining Room Decor with Giant Black Chandelier Above the Light Wood Dining Table and Brown Fabric Chairs at Chalet White Pearl

Extravagant Bath Tub Room Nearby the Indoor Pool at the Chalet White Pearl Decorated by Mosaic Glass Tile Backsplash

Fabulous Chalet White Pearl Bedroom Design in Spacious with Yellow Tufted Sofa Design and a Bed Nearby the Window

Fascinating Dining Room Decor Idea at the Chalet White Pearl with Solid Wood Table and Fency Black Chandelier Design

Lovely Indoor Swimming Pool in the Chalet White Pearl with Stone Pillar abd Indoor Plants Also Artistic Wall Painting

Sleek Fabric Sofa and Warm Pillows Decor the Chalet White Pearl Living Room Under the Beams and Sloping Ceiling

Striking Open Floor Dining and Living Room Inside the Chalet White Pearl with Eclectic Furniture on the Earthly Tone Floor

Stunning Far Side View of the Traditional Chalet White Pearl Design Stand on the Valley Surrounded by the Snowy Hill

Traditional Doorway Design to Connect a Bedroom with Other Inside the Chalet White Pearl Use Wooden Door Frame

Wooden Blind Slide Door Connecting the Bedroom to Bathroom Inside the Chalet White Pearl decor with Wall Art and Ceiling Lamps

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