Charming House Plans Applying Stripped Motif Decoration

Design of a house that has a comfortable impression can be created by applying charming house plans that will be able to look more modern and artistic in its style and decoration by applying stripped motif that are applied in some house furniture and decorations. This house design had been applied perfectly by Marnie Homes that had been applied perfectly in a project of Atlantic Charm.

Cool House Architecture Design Ideas Equipped with Large Terrace Design Ideas Applied in Atlantic Charm House Design

Stunning and artistic design of a house interior design that had been made perfectly by designing living room together with design of dining room. Modern sofa that has stripped motif applied in living room actually will become special characteristic in this house project. It will be able to create stylish design of a house interior that applies charming cottage house plancharming cottage house plan.

Design of dining room that had been made together with design of living room is made artistically by applying blue and white color design of dining room furniture set that had been made from wooden material. Besides, design of the furniture is made in traditional style so it will create an awesome and special impression of modern house interior decoration. Color design applied to design the dining room furniture is appropriated with motif applied to design modern sofa applied in living room in this house project.

Attractive Space of Atlantic Charm House with Comfortable Sofa Set in Green Color with White Ceiling Unit Ideas Plan

On the other hand, stripped motif is also used artistically and uniquely to design canopy in this project. It is done by applying design of stripped canopy design as an additional decoration of house terrace and window in the second floor. Actually it will be able to create a special design of a house exterior that looks so artistic. It is as an application of cottage living house plan that had been made perfectly to design a house living to be more comfortable and interested in its appearance.

Relaxing Small Green Area of Atlantic Charm House Front Yard Area Equipped with Wooden Outdoor Staircase Design ideas

Unique Kitchen Interior Design Ideas Applied in Atlantic Charm House Equipped with Wooden Chairs in Black Color Ideas

White Color Ideas Applied in Atlantic Charm House Equipped with Modern Sofa Set Design in Green Color with Wooden Flooring

Wonderful Kitchen Design Ideas Equipped with Two Lamps in White Color with Glass Lampshade in Atlantic Charm House

Wooden Flooring Unit Applied in Atlantic Charm Ideas Equipped with Best Blue Wall Painting ideas Plan Unit

Amazing Dining Room Interior Design Ideas Applied in Atlantic Charm House Interior with White Chandelier Unit

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