Classic Reinterpreted Style for Small Apartment Interior

Employing classic reinterpreted style is the best choice for those who adore the timeless beauty and luxury. This apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania applies the classic style as its interior. Designed by Studio YCL, this apartment looks more beautiful after the makeover project. Located in a brick house, this apartment has eclectic style by combining the contemporary concept and the classic style. The apartment exterior is in traditional design while the interior is designed with contemporary concept emphasizing on the practicality and simplicity.

Clear Comparison of Before and After Photos Telling Bold Privacy to Transparency and Sophistication to Effectiveness

The structure of this apartment interior is in classic reinterpreted style interior. The interior building is still in vernacular look. The glass windows, interior pergolas, and the ceiling are in classic style. Meanwhile, the furniture is in contemporary style. Black sofa in simple design is placed in the living room together with white wooden table in circular surface. The dark colored cushions are placed on the grey carpet on the wooden floor. The book collection is arranged on the mounted shelves installed by the glass windows.

Dining area is placed right in front of this living room. A pair of wooden chairs in black color has circular wooden table in the middle of them. Minimalist kitchen is by this dining furniture. It is design in subway style. White kitchen cabinets are placed along the wall together with modern kitchen appliances in stainless materials. The bathroom interior is in monochromatic theme. White is the only color applied in this bathroom interior. Modern bathroom appliances are arranged in the most practical way in this minimalist bathroom space.

Stylish Loft Apartment Interior Design with Surprising Hanging Day Bed Added at Living Space Completing Seating Units

Green living plant is placed in this apartment interior giving the perfect match to the wooden floor. The staircase is designed in sleek model. It has white stairs with white staircase wall. Classic reinterpreted style theme can be the perfect accent if it is mixed with the contemporary concept.

Effective Small Bathroom of Contemporary Apartment Completed in Pure White Interior Design with White Furniture and Accent Lamps Added

Elegant White Living Room with Wooden Flooring Furnished with Black Sofa with Rounded White Coffee Table and Cushions

Bold Classic Style Exterior Desgin with Patterned Wall to Complete with Arch Windows with Shutters Hiding Contemporary Touched Apartment

Excellently Renovated Apartment Kitchen with Modern Sleek Furnishing to Directly Meet the Dining Space in Open Design

Impressive White Painted Box to Combine with Black Accent of High Curtain and Natural Touches of Wooden Floor with Green Standing

Inspiring Successful Apartment Renovation for More Easy Flow Effect Designed in Open Style and Sleekness Touches

Mediterranean Style Apartment Exterior Design with Perfect Exposed Brick Walling Featured with Arch Window with Shutters

Appealing Open Style Floor Plan Design of Contemporary Style Apartment with Removed Divider for Complete Connectivity

Minimalist Style Apartment Living Room with Pure Black Sofa with Striped Throw Completed with Cushions for Extra Sitting

Simple but Stunning Hidden Staircase of Contemporary Apartment in Pure White Featured with Accent Wall Lamp

Open Style Kitchen Dining and Living with Architectural Arch Windows and Wooden Floor to Blend in White Interior Painting

Simple Modern White Kitchen Cabinet with Classic Rendering of Arch Windows Suitable to Add in Contemporary Apartment

Stunning White Staircase in Simple L Shaped Folded Design Connecting the Bedroom with Livign and Entertaining Space

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