Classic Wedding Chair with Floral Decoration

Having a special event like a wedding needs a preparation for every part to make the party be the best party ever in your life, including the wedding chair. A perfect chair for the guest may be just a small part. But, for a special event it will be memorable for the guest or the host of the party. Because it is a happy moment, then use bright colors like white or pink that is known as the color of love. For some inspirations, you can see projects of Lea Bassani Design titled “If only a Chair could talk.

Astonishing Glass Armless Chair Decorated with Flower Themed Decorative Item in Pink Coloring for Charming Interior Design

There are some combinations of wedding chair color you can use. You can also choose between wood and plastic for the material. If you want to use white color that symbolizes the pureness, you can choose to use wood or plastic chair painted with silver to give a glamour image and a white seat. For the back of the chair, you can cover the back with white fabric that decorated full of white flower’s petal. Or you can use white wood chair without a seat and a fabric on the back with white fabric rolled up to make flowers shape.

For another back color, you can use the same style with green flower petal and a brown wood chair with or without seat. You can also cover the back of a wood white chair with a blue satin and ruffled it up, but cover it until the bottom of the chair. For the choice of pink, you can cover the back with fabric and with flower shapes. If you want to make it simpler, you can tie a big pink or white ribbon. Place a big white aster or pink flower; depend on the ribbon’s color.

Beautiful Chair Cloth in Seep Pink Designed in the Form of Flowers to Work with White Seating Unit

For the usual type, you can cover the entire chair with satin and tie a big white ribbon on the back of the chair. For some motives, you can use fabric with motives with black and white color and make it as a ribbon to be tied on the back. You can also use a chair made from plastic. It can give a clear glass chair that looks great and differentwedding chair ideas for the party.

Captivating Armless Chair in White Decorated with Brown Cloth Designed to Form Certain Well Arranged Flowers

Charming White Decorated Cloth with Plenty of Flowers Character Designed for Elegant White Armless Seating Unit

Chic Natural Themed Seep Cloth in White to Decor Armless Seating Unit for Elegant Look Interior Decoration

Easy to Afford Decorated White Armless Seating Unit with Patterned Shawl Tied up to Touch the Floor

Eye Catching Chair Cloth for Armless Seating Unit Backrest Designed to Improve Elegance of Contemporary Home Interior

Surprising Armless Chair in Black Decorated with Creative Backrest Upholstered with Green Cloth Forming Beautiful Flower

Undeniable Cream Floral Decorative Item to Add to Transparent Glassy Armless Chair for more Attractive Appearance

Unpredictable Lush Decoration with Blue Cloth Suitable for White Armless Chair for Exclusive Sense of Interior Decor

Wonderful Upholstered White Armless Chair with Seep Cloth Suitable for Contemporary Black and White Living Room or Dining

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