Classy Decoration for Studio with Minimalist House Design

The Decoration for Studio is usually so minimalist if the glass window is installed with transparent panel. As in the Construction Zone Designed by Byrnes Barn, the exterior of the house really looks so classy. In addition, the front porch of the house really looks so classy because the rustic stone is installed as small pathways. The cactus plants that are planted near the front porch also look so magnificent with the illuminating light of the mini stage lamps.

Natural Garden Looks Like Desert Landscape with Stones and Cactus at Byrnes Barn Construction Zone View by Night

For the small outdoor foyer that is decorated with aluminium furnishings, the exterior design becomes more complete. Moreover, the plain design for the floor of the foyer looks so great along with small pond with granite decoration. Instead of applying ceramic tiles for the pond deck, the granite tiles really fit the exterior design of the studio house. With adequate light, the interior looks so bright embossed from the transparent glass panel. The Decoration for Small Studio is really the classiest one since the furniture is not too much. In addition, the small compartment with wooden veneer for interior makes the interior seems so enchanting.

Through the transparent panel, the dining room with small dining table with aluminium stools can also be seen from the outdoor patio. In addition, the mini stage lamps that illuminate to the wooden ceiling makes the interior furnishings look so classy. The granite floor that is covered with mosaic rug also looks so adorable because the longue chair is made from suede material. With perforation model for the interior column, the interior of the studio house is very lavish. The kitchen island with wooden cabinet is also the best decoration for the kitchen design.

Remarkable Bedroom Design Indoor meets Outdoor Applied Glass Window Floor to Ceiling Byrnes Barn Construction Zone

The aluminium faucet that is installed with square kitchen sink is indeed very suitable for the kitchen because it looks so bright. Moreover, the kitchen backsplash is installed with cement finishing. Indeed, with Led lamps, the Ideas for Small Studio Spaces become very enchanting.

Appealing Kitchen Inside Byrnes Barn Construction Zone with Solid Wood Cabinet and Granite Countertop Metal Sink

Astonishing Bedroom with Grey Duvet Cover Decorated also Red Chair on the Corner with Footboard Byrnes Barn Construction Zone

Awesome Backyard Landscape with Outdoor Spa Tub and Sitting Area Byrnes Barn Construction Zone with Cactus

Beautiful Patio Decor Ideas at Byrnes Barn Construction Zone with Metal Chairs on Granite Outdoor Flooring and Cactus

Brilliant Entry Design in Byrnes Barn Construction Zone with Red Chair and Footboard Applied Glass Door and Window

Charming Wooden Vanity Ideas at Byrnes Barn Construction Zone with Marble Tile Backsplash and Glass Shower Door

Chic Bedroom Interior Design with Concrete Floor and Wall Applied Also Grey Duvet Cover in Byrnes Barn Construction Zone

Fascinating Landscape Outside the Byrnes Barn Construction Zone with Cactus and Stones also Clean Glass Door

Marvelous Patio Design at Byrnes Barn Construction Zone with Outdoor Fireplace and Log Storage also Metal Chairs

Sleek Kitchen Design with Wooden cabinet and Concrete Backsplash in Byrnes Barn Construction Zone also White Stools

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