Cliff House Design Facing an Ocean of Stockholm Archipelago

Exquisite cliff house design is showed in this cabin-like house that is located in the Stockholm, Sweden. This house was built on top of a stony cliff right beside an ocean strait of Stockholm archipelago. That is why it was built under a house development called as House on a Cliff project. Petra Gipp and Katarina Lundeberg are the creative minds that have made this modern house emerge.

Home with Light Brown Wooden Outer Wall

The house surrounded with a lush vegetation of pine trees and shrubs. So its modern cliff house design was designed to make this house able to mingle with the surrounding. Wooden panels were applied to make it come true. The wooden panels cover its exterior design which its rustic light vintage color fits with the color of the ground and the pine woods. The exterior looks also show its tall windows with black metal frames to let the sun come into the inside of the house.

The house has cubical shape with raised flooring as the consequences of its platform house design. The house looks like some containers that were placed adjacent to each other in a rather disordered pattern. However that kind of shape has made this house looks so strong and sturdy stand on top of the cliff. There are also some stairs that connect the ground with the house facade doors or to make us access the roof top.

Home with Soft Brown Wooden Entrance Floor

This house on a cliff was constructed facing an ocean. So in order to make use of that amazing scenic view of the Stockholm’s ocean, the house incorporated big glass doors to make the people inside able to enjoy that view. The facade of the house is placed on its left side in which a fire place was installed on it terrace. Those features can only happen because the architects have used one of modern cliff house plans that were successfully completed through this House on a Cliff project.

Brown Outyard Staircase Made from Woden Material

Home which is Built in Diagonal Landscape

Home with Beautiful View of Long River

House Black Soft Sofa also Square Shaped Wooden Table

House Soft Brown Wooden Entrance Floor

House White Wooden Wall also Antler Head Ornament

Light Brown Wooden Floor also Square Shaped Windows

Light Brown Wooden Floor also White Wooden Wall

Soft Brown Wooden Floor also Brown Wooden Pillars

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