Coastline Hotel Employing Ultimate Contemporary Structure

Miguel Aragona built a luxurious coastline hotel that can inspire the contemporary hotel designs. This is the perfect getaway for those who would like to enjoy tropical atmosphere in a luxurious stylish hotel. The uniqueness of this Hotel Encanto building is it has playful colors. When the night comes, the hotel looks like the contemporary splendor in the middle of tropical site with colorful features. The hotel exterior looks practical and elegant. White is the main color theme for this exterior building. Spacious swimming pool makes the exterior features of this hotel looks fresher.

Beautiful Touch for Hotel Encanto Exterior with Charming Flowers in Purple Accent Surrounding Reflecting Outdoor Pool

One of the corridors of this contemporary coastline hotel is in purple color theme. The corridor wall is in purple color giving the playful color choice. The flooring is from white tile flooring reflecting the purple color of the corridor wall and ceiling. Exterior design is completed by spacious relaxing places furnished with contemporary outdoor furniture in stylish look. The exterior arrangement is also perfect to enjoy the beautiful tropical scenery around the hotel site.

White is used as the monochromatic exterior color theme. This is suitable for the sleek design of the hotel shape. The top floor looks beautiful and stylish with this white exterior color. The hotel balconies offer the perfect place to enjoy the tropical ambience. The views are amazing displaying the coastline scenery. This beautiful view can be seen from the hotel bedroom that has glass wall presenting the beach views.

Cozy Hotel Encanto Exterior Design with Extra Seating and Relaxing Featured with Black Chairs and Grey Sofa Bed

The hotel interior and exterior lightings are designed in a very playful way. The lightings radiate colorful lights. The colors make the hotel looks groovy and stylish. The corridors lightings are also in colorful lightings. Blue, yellow, orange, and purple make this hotel corridors look fun rather than dull. Coastline hotel design in contemporary style can also as breezy and as luxurious as the tropical mansion-like hotels, too.

Alluring Pure White Hotel Encanto Exterior with Short Fencing for Pathway and Extra Outdoor Sitting with Grey Furniture

Amazing Upstairs Porch with Simple but Stylish Fencing and Lighting for Great Spot to Enjoy the Panoramic Scenery

Astounding Red Outdoor Lighting Installed to Complete Hotel Encanto Exterior Decor for Mesmerizing Image at Night

Awesome Outdoor Lighting System with Blue and Red Touches to Decorate Hotel Encanto Exterior at Night

Excellent Hotel Encanto Exterior with Breezy Sitting Areas on Wooden Deck Excellently Arranged with Green Touches Surrounding

Eye Catching Hotel Encanto Exterior Structure in White Painting Representing High Class Architecture with Neat Lining

Imposing Hotel Encanto Bathroom with Shower Interior Design Supported by Rustic Rendering of Wooden Walling and Modern Touch with Glass Divider

Inspiring Hotel Encanto Bedroom Interior Design with Modern Floating Bed with Table Extensions Completed with Decorative Lighting

Mesmerizing Hotel Encanto Bedroom with Open Style Architecture Design to Conect to Beautiful Outside Panoramic View

Perfect Decorative Lighting System with Colorful Touches to Complete Hotel Encanto Exterior at Night to Grab a Lot of Attentions

Relaxing Hotel Encanto Exterior Completed with Outdoor Pool Designed with Tropical Touches of Decorative Trees Added

Stylish Hotel Encanto Bathroom Interior Design with Sleek Curved Vanity with Single Oval Sink Completed with Decorative Lighting

Surprising Lighting System from for Tranquil Ambiance of Hotel Encanto Exterior at Night with Great Panoramic View

Ultramodern Architecture Design of Hotel Encanto Bedroom Completed with Minimalist Style Interior with Stylish Furnishing and Lighting

Unpredictable Hotel Encanto Exterior Decoration with Panels Added on Wall to Catch a Lot of Attentions

Unquestionable yet Inspiring Coloring Scheme Supported with LED Lighting to Decorate Hotel Encanto Exterior Design

Wonderful View of Hotel Encanto Exterior at Night with Smooth LED Lighting on Ceiling and Dazzling Lights of the City

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