Colorful Apartment with Fancy Interior Design in Spain to Try

In the year of 2016, a colorful apartment named as Palma Apartment was created by Tono Vila and Joan Miquel Segui Architects. Situated in Mallorca of Spain, this residence is completely surrounded by dense urban living. To less the pressure of the city, it is the time for you for enjoying the comfort given by this apartment. Chic colors in various palettes come to greet you at home. What should you do if you want to have a home like this?

Compact Living Room Decor Ideas in Palma Apartment Tono Vila with Blue Fabric Sofa and Wood Mobile Coffee Table

First, you should combine well furniture in your living room. Take a look at this picture. A comfortable blue sofa with colorful cushions is provided. Other seats are simple and black, with one wooden coffee table as the center of the room. White walls are everywhere, but a huge windows system is applied to let you enjoy the city view from inside the house. You can add also some green plants in pots and put them in the corner to complete the colorful apartment decor.

Move to the dining room. The living room and dining room of this apartment has no wall as border, but a huge wooden bookshelf gets in charge. A white dining table stands near the white wall. It is surrounded by lots of wooden dining chairs with white pads. On the white wall, two huge paintings in yellow and purple are provided. Next to them is only a simple white kitchen with white kitchen cabinetry. No kitchen island is here to save more spaces. Bright backsplash with LED lights there makes everything looks even better.

Colorful Living Room Decor Ideas with Turquoise Sofa and Wooden Coffee Table Inside Palma Apartment Tono Vila

Do not forget to check out the bedroom and bathroom. A double sized bed is provided, covered by a brown patterned duvet. There is a hidden LED light shooting the white wall from behind another smaller wall. All of white is also given by the bathroom. You can check out by yourself how the white toilet, white sink, white walls, and everything white here are combined together. If you want, you can add a flashy towel or any decorations as the last touch to complete the colorful apartment design here.

Adorable Dining Area Design with White Dining Table in Palma Apartment Tono Vila Open Floor to Kitchen with White Cabinet

Appealing Small Bathroom Interior in Palma Apartment Tono Vila with Bright Lighting Applied Small Floating Sink

Awesome Living Room in Palma Apartment Tono Vila View from Dining Area Displayed Wood Room Divider and Console Table

Beautiful Bedroom Inside Palma Apartment Tono Vila with Brown Patterned Bedspread and Hidden Lamp Behind Headboard

Brilliant Kitchen and Dining Room in Palma Apartment Tono Vila with White Cabinet and Marble Countertop Ideas

Charming Turquoise Fabric Sofa Design in Palma Apartment Tono Vila Living Room with Purple Armchair and Glass Top table

Exciting Dining Room with White Dining Table Beside Kitchen with Wooden Cabinet in Palma Apartment Tono Vila

Exquisite Home Office in Palma Apartment Tono Vila with Concrete Top Deck and White Leather Swivel Chair

Sleek Kitchen Design with White Cabinet and GRanite Countertop in Palma Apartment Tono Vila Applied Hidden LED Lamp

Stunning Living Room with Wooden Console Table in Palma Apartment Tono Vila Displayed also Wooden Cabinet

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