Contemporary Church Design with Beautiful Interior

LINK Arkitektur is the one responsible for this contemporary church design, spotted on Froeyland Orstad Church. Located in a small village named Orstad, Norway, this religious retreat is beautifully designed to provide a wonderful place for congregations to pray and gather in comfort and harmony, while uniting with The Almighty. Not only blending in harmony with the neighborhood, this church design is also brilliantly done to stand out beautifully.

Adorable Froeyland Orstad Church with Small Circle Coffee Table with Egg Chairs also Marble Floor Installation with Chandelier Lamps also Square Ceiling Design

Seeing the exterior and architectural design of this contemporary church, you will spot easily the geometrical shapes dominating the appearance of this religious place. With the roofs sloping in two different parts, this church exterior surely will be hard to be unnoticed, right? See also how the contemporary church design ideas for exterior include the sharp angular and lines to emphasize its contemporary style.

Let’s enter this contemporary church and feel the grace of Gods flooding this church. As you can see, this religious retreat interior is bright and airy. It is all thanks to the white interior. The chairs for congregations are arranged carefully to spare enough room for a church aisle, dividing this room into two parts. Yet, the brightness and airiness is not only created by the interior design. Here, you can find the expanding skylights features over extra seating attached to wall spaces, which can bring in plenty of natural light indoors.

Amazing Froeyland Orstad Church with Artistic Ceiling Design also Square Wall Design with Square Wood Frame of Suede Chairs

Perfectly shading the light and airy interior of this contemporary church is the choice of gorgeous black seating for the chairs. However, you can find the accent of wood element on the seating as well as the dramatic ceiling design. Showcasing not only sloping ceiling, you can find the exquisite wavy design forming this church ceiling. As the congregations are drown into the serene praying time, the incredible contemporary church interior design ideas here definitely will help them finding the peace too.

Amusing Froeyland Orstad Church with Wood Veneer for Exterior Wall also White Interior Wall also Black Suede Chairs on Wood Frame and Concrete Pillars

Astonishing Froeyland Orstad Church with Trapezoid Design of Rooftop also White Exterior Wall and LED Lamps for Interior Decoration and Concrete Blocks

Chic Froeyland Orstad Church with Large Hall also Black Suede Chairs in Wood Frame with Marble Floor Installation also Interior Lamp Installation

Delightful Froeyland Orstad Church with Artistic Ceiling Design and Wood Balusters and Wooden Pillars and Black Suede Chairs with Wood Frame

Enchanting Froeyland Orstad Church with Tall Tower Covered with Aluminum Shutter and White Exterior Wall also Concrete Blocks and Glass Panel with Chandelier Lamp

Hilarious Froeyland Orstad Church with Marble Floor Installation and Black Suede Chair with Wood Frame also Grand Piano als Square Wall Design

Imposing Froeyland Orstad Church with Marble Floor also Black Cushions and Wodo Frame with Wood Ceiling Design and White Interior Wall

Magnificent Froeyland Orstad Church with White Exterior Wall Design also Tall Tower with Aluminum Frame also Flat Roofotp also Duplex Floor Plan

Marvelous Froeyland Orstad Church wih Glass Floor Plan for Basement with Ceramic Tiles and Black Sofa also Black Curtain with Square Checkered Wall Decal

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