Contemporary Design for Modern Style House

What do you see in this contemporary design? It looks extremely stunning and gorgeous. Moreover, it has sense of modern style in each item placed inside. Open floor plan is chosen to fit dining room, living area, as well for kitchen space. Natural colors of blue, brown, and gray play dominant role in this house. In this case, people will have the house designed in contemporary approach but with little touch of modernity from modern furniture and decorations, smartly chosen.

Elegant Roof Top Patio with Manicured Green Lawn and Vertical Garden to Keep Modern Apartment Exterior Fresh and Natural

Related to this situation, let’s take a look at this contemporary design idea. This concept is seen in open floor plan. First, see this dining room which is chosen in clean lined style. Furnished wooden dining table is made to combine with silver metal leg parts. This sparkling table is paired with the simple white chairs. White round lampshades are hung above table. On the other side, white rug is placed above dark brown floor, which also has fabric sofas on top.

In living area as well, there is space at the corner for adding study or working area. In here, put computer table and chair against wall. What about kitchen? In this eclectic kitchen, it brought soft brown as main color theme. In order to better balance the nuance, then choose backdrop wall in white color and install bright white lamps in recessed bulbs. Cabinets and drawers are chosen in soft brown, whereas white countertop is added to make combination.

Magnificent Long Narrowed Apartment Interior with Warm Lounge Set on the Farthest Part Followed by Dining Room in Open Floor Plan

Bedroom looks in soothing feeling as it widely uses brown shades inside. White ceiling is paired with brown walls and dark brown wooden floor. Soft brown rug is rolled out under king size bed, which is covered then with brown bed sheet and pillows. Choosing contemporary design idea should be balanced out with green glass vase filled with white lilies, which placed on top of white drawer.

Bright Dining Room Area of Modern Apartment for Six with a Couple of Big Tube Shaped Pendant as Illumination

Chic Interior Setting of Apartment Guest Bathroom with Classy Shower and Sanitary Room Placed Close to Each Other

Classy Modern Apartment Interior Decor with Simple Unitary Room Concept to Blend Kitchen Lounge and Dining Room Area

Cool U Letter Shaped Kitchen Area with Built in Wall Cabinetry Featured by Sophisticated Cabinet Lamp System

Cute Powder Room for the Modern Apartment Guests with a Floatig Vanity and Single above Mount Sink Concept

Extravagant Apartment Closet Area with Eye Catching Orange Painting and White Bench Placed under It to Facilitate the Closet Area

Extremely Spacious Apartment Master Bedroom with a Lofeseat Placed between King Bed and Dresser to Maximize the Large Bedroom Space

Fabulous Master Bathroom Interior Decor Idea of Modern Apartment with Floating Fit Vanity and Its Double Sink Concept

Fascinating Long Narrowed Master Bedroom Interior View of Modern Apartment Set in Tricky Interior Concept to Imitate

Glorious Limited Spaced Master Bathroom of Modern Apartment with Transparency Covering the Shower Area in Front of the Vanity

Inviting Awned Patio Area Built on the Apartment Balcony Separated by Glass Door Seen from Lounge Area of the Living Space

Luxurious Exterior Ideas of Modern Apartment with Open Deck Flooring for Patio Covered by Minimalist Awning to Protect the User

Minimalist Indoor Door Idea to Separate Spacious Hallway from Master Bathroom Elegantly Illuminated by Cove Lighting on False Ceiling

Modern Apartment Bedroom Interior Setting with Bold Brown Painted Wall Center to Match the Dark Wood Floor and Warm the White Wall up

Nice and Minimalist Interior Doorway Idea of Modern Apartment to Access the Master Bedroom and Lounge Area as Well

Smart Master Bathroom Interior Setting of Modern Apartment with Specific Sanitary Area Located between the Shower Room and Vanity Area

Spacious Master Living Room of Modern Apartment with L Letter Furniture Setting Placed on Area Rug

Uncommon Design Concept of Stone Vessel with Sophisticated Stainless Steel Faucet to Enhance Your Contemporary Master Bathroom Interior

Unique Wall Lamp Installation on Both Sides of Main Long Sofa for Modern Apartment Living Room Lighting Idea

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