Contemporary Durable Home with Deliberate Steel Frames

Living in a durable home gives the people inside it a safe and comfortable feeling. It is good to be implemented especially in a location that some kinds of natural disaster might happen. An owner of house in San Diego, California, USA has already thought about that. He asked the creative minds of designers from Macy Architecture, an architectural firm based in San Francisco, to make a durable house that can make use of its environment.

Marble Blocks also Bright Cream Lightings Above

This house is located in the neighborhood of Point Loma, hence comes its name given Point Loma House. The house was specifically made to serve the owner with resilient material to make the house become more durable but also gives a low maintenance home. That has made a challenging project since the owner also want to have a modern house with advance contemporary design. So the designers came up with a house that has sturdy and long-lasting element to make a house that has durable home flooring, walls, and even ceiling.

To protect the house from seismic activity, the designer applied many steels which are claimed to be seismic-resisting frame. The frames are deliberately exposed in this cubical house exterior design. The black steel frames fit the wooden panel that becomes the other element of the home exterior. Along with those wooden panels and the steel frames, the house also implemented a lot of big windows and an extruded balcony with glazed railing. All of those appearances built up inside the concrete and glazed fence that adorns the front look of the house.

Point Balck Soft Sofa also Light Brown Wooden Low Table

Thanks to the huge amount of windows which are also big, the inside looks of the house become so bright with its white wall. The black steel frames also still can be seen inside the house along with wooden and glazed element inside this contemporary home. They hold the wall on its corner and also hold the floors of this two story building. The black frames aid to make most durable home flooring and also home walls.

Cream Concrete Floor also Beautiful Simple Garden

Light Brown Wooden Wall also White Glass Gate Wall

Point Black Marble Floor also Dark Brown Wooden Doors

Point White Marble Floor also Light Brown Wooden Couch

Transparent Outer Gate Wall Made from Glass Material

Soft Sofa also Black Colored Cushion of Wingback Chair

White Concrete Bridge Floor also Clear Glass Handrail

White Floor Made from Concrete near Several Grey Stones

White Staircase Made from Concrete also Silver Stainless Handrail

Wooden Wall and Several Square Shaped Windows

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