Contemporary Home Design in Contemporary Pine Wood Structure

Masfernandez Arquitectos has amazingly formed a dazzling contemporary home design for this futuristic retreat named Tunquen House. With extraordinary pine wood structure, this dwelling stands impressively in Chile. The pine wood apparently was used for the exterior and interior decoration. It was appeared as the main character. For the exterior, bare pine wooden cladding becomes so vigorous along with some black wooden pillars. Rectangular longitudinal shape of this residence appears as futuristic character along with modern flat roof.

Calm Tunquen House Masfernandez Arquitectos View at the Afternoon from Rightside Showing the Stones Surrounding the Building

And contemporary style was still used continuously for the interior arrangement. Based on well constructed and accurate contemporary home design ideas, white painted pine wall was installed and becomes the best soul mate for dark wooden floor and concrete ceiling. Some vigorous concrete beams on the ceiling apparently enhance the beauty of pine wood as the main material for this dwelling. About the furniture arrangement, in this living room we could find white sectional sofa appears so lavish. Bright turquoise painted coffee table was added as well along together with colorful pink pillows cushion and stunning abstract paintings.

And with integrated style, one dining area was formed just right after the living space. One sturdy wooden dining table stands as the main point for this room. Then dark wooden benches were also added along with some modern pendant lamps. The ambiance feels so warm, comfy and natural. And the last but not least is comfy outdoor terrace which shows warm wooden floor, some black wooden pillars and pine wooden washed panels. Some benches and sofa were also set as the outdoor sitting area which will pamper the house owner for sure.

Concerting Patio with Blue Seatplace and Wooden Tubs Beside Dark Elbows Framed at Tunquen House Masfernandez Arquitectos

To conclude, this modern residence apparently demonstrates the best side as pine wood as the main material. Both exterior and interior arrangement has successfully made the pine wood becomes a beauty accent, along with impressive modern design features of course. In summary, this archetype could be called as a striking illustration of contemporary home interior design ideas and will undoubtedly appear as helpful reference for any pine wood enthusiast.

Awesome Tunquen House Masfernandez Arquitectos View from Farway Small Looked that Adjacent Square Building and Surrounded by the Plants

Beauty Sofa feat Magenta Blue Pillows and Wodoen Table Porcelains Complement at Tunquen House Masfernandez Arquitectos

Exquisite Tunquen House Masfernandez Arquitectos View from Rightside Showing Seat Place Glass Windows Opposited which Add Cozy in there

Gorgeous Tunquen House Masfernandez Arquitectos Facade View Showing Steel Wall Colored and the Glass Wall Decorated

Gravy Tunquen House Masfernandez Arquitectos View from Farway Showing Steel Colored and the Building Surrounded by Vegetation

Great Tunquen House Masfernandez Arquitectos Floor Plan the Kitchen Room Between Bedrooms and Living Room Area

Interesting Section Plan of the Tunquen House Masfernandez Arquitectos Showing Sketch Facade Decoration with Glass Wall

Nice Design Tunquen House Masfernandez Arquitectos Greenery Showed that Plants Add Frseh Atmosphere in the Area

Shibby Tunquen House Masfernandez Arquitectos with the Woods and Glass Decorated that Corridor on the Rightside

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