Contemporary Home with Unique Outer Covers

Maison Escalier is a beautiful contemporary home project by Moussafir Architectes Associes. Before the transformation project was started, the house was a classic suburban house in Paris, France. Now, you will see stunning home with unique outer walls that made from metal material and carved details. For your information, you can fold up the outer walls and then you will see floor-to-ceiling glass windows. This is the strong point of the house that makes it different with another home.

Dark Brown Wooden Ceiling also Several Black Rocking Chairs

The contemporary home architecture looks beautiful from the exterior side. The beauty appearance of the house is still continuing to the interior side. You will love to see urban interior style with wooden siding floors and ceiling. The rough concrete wall in white color makes the house looks exotic. It is easy for you to find floating built-in cabinet in this house. It enhances the efficiency in this house. You will see floating concrete bookshelf with lime green background color.

The living room is charming with three leather armchairs in black color. The modern wall fireplace looks so beautiful in the living room. This home is following the idea of elevation home interior, so you will find many stairs as the room connector between one and another room. You can find the storage room with wall cabinet that made from silver material. You can reach the room by passing the floating modern stairs with wooden overlay.

Dark Brown Wooden Floor also Dark Brown Wooden Ceiling

You cannot find the door as the room divider in this house but stairs. Go to the next picture and you will see comfortable room that can be used as the bedroom. There is built-in folded bed, so when you need the bed to sleep, you can pull down the bed from its cabinet. You still can see the rooftop terrace in this house. This beautiful home is one of the best contemporary home architecture styles that you can see.

Dark Brown Wooden Staircase also Brigth White Lighting

Dark Brown Wooden Staircase also Green Plants Decoration

Dark Brown Wooden Wall also Green Lime Bookshelf

Dark Brown Wooden Window Covers which Has Artistic Motives

Staircase also Silver Hanrail Cage Made from Stainless Steel]

Soft Brown Wooden Floor also Grey Wall Made from Concrete

Wooden Floor also White Wall Made from Stone Veneer

White Stone Wall also Green Lime Bookshelf Made from Wooden Material

White Marble Floor also Dark Brown Wall Made from Wooden Material

White Kitchen Island also Black Colored Classic Stove

White Concrete Wall also White Soft Sofa

White Colored Concrete Wall also Several White Wooden Cabinets

White Bed Linen also Green Lime Shelf Made from Wooden Material

Tall Windows also Black Colored Frame Made from Metallic Material

Black Colored Windows Cover Made from Wooden of Wooden Material

Two Levels of Outer Wall whcih is Made from Dark Brown Windows Cover

Wooden Window Covers also Bright White Lighting Inside

Wooden Staircase also Dark Brown Floor Made from Wooden Veneer

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