Contemporary House Designs in Inside and Outside

Talking about contemporary house designs is talking about the fresh ideas furniture designs in new era. So, if you want to create a modern house, you can get the reference from this page. You can get the reference about outside and inside modern home. It is so useful reference right? There are some pictures of this page. After seeing those pictures, hopefully you can get much reference. Those pictures are coming from a project designed by RSB Digital Photography entitled Summerfield 17270.

Elegant Traditional Living Room with Wooden Floor and Cream Wall Painting Furnished with Grey Touches of Chairs and Rug

Here are some pictures of modern home. They can be contemporary house designs and plans great for you. In front of the house, there is green yard landscaping with some beautiful flowers. In the right and left sides are the coconut trees. This home is designed with white wall and grey roof. There are some glass windows on the wall. The driveway is applied in front of the garage. This home is near with the road, so you don’t need waste your time to go to your school or office because of far distance.

Let’s see inside the house. The beautiful dining room appears with the window. The wooden chairs and table as nice couple stand above the oak flooring. On the table, there are beautiful flowers on the vase. Above them is the flower chandelier ceiling rope. Then, there are some accessories to increase the performance of the room adhering on the white wall. The green plant on the pot is placed next to the window. The standing lamp has unique lampshade. It is backward cone lampshade.

Excellent Dining Room Featured with Plenty of Traditional Windows in Arch Shaping Completed with Raised Ceiling with Suspended Chadelier

See the bathroom then. The white bathtub is placed in the corner of the room below the window. Next to the bedroom is small wall as the separation. A wooden cabinet stands below the mirror. That cabinet is designed with white marble counter top. Those furniture designs are standing above the grey tile flooring. The flower lampshade is putted above the mirror for creating brighter image. Well, this project is one of modern house designs and plans which give comfortable sensation.

Beautiful Home Exterior Design of Summerfield 17270 with Neat Lawn and Freshness Greens Excellently Planted Surronding for Refreshing Ambiance

Alluring White Traditional Bathroom of Summerfield 17270 Combined with Accent Wood for Vanity and Surprising Arch Shaped Windows

Astonishing Summerfield 17270 Bedroom with Wall to Wall Floor Furnished with Traditional Carved Furniture Set Made of Wood

Bright Bedroom Interior Design Featured with Double Hung Window with Curtain to Complete Comfy Living at Summerfield 17270

Cozy Family Room of Summerfield 17270 with Light Wooden Flooring Furnished with Accent Cabinet with TV above and Leather Chair

Effective Small Bathroom of Summerfield 17270 Completed with Private Shower and Toilet with Shelving Separating It with Vanity

Refreshing Summerfield 17270 Kitchen Design in Traditional Style with Bold Wood Accent for Furniture to Blend with Plenty of Green Touches

Relaxing Patio for Extra Sitting and Dining Completed in Screened Style Design with Glassy Wall and Granite Flooring

Small Laundry Room with White Furniture and Wire Open Shelving Unit Matched with Cream Wall Painting and Stained Flooring

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