Contemporary Office Interior in Minimalist Design

Since you are more likely spending at least half of the day for work, it is kind of natural to consider the office building as your second home. By the home, it means that this space is supposed to offer the same nuance and ambience of the home itself. It is really important because if you can make your employees happy, it is more likely that the productivity will increase. And today, we will take you to see a contemporary office design in Barcelona that will be a great inspiration on how bringing in the coziness to your office space.

Exclusive White Office Conference Room with Unique Shaped Table and Some Meshing Chairs as Complement Ideas

Looking at this astonishing contemporary office of Inaugure Hospitality that is located in Barcelona, you will find the modern and stylish interior that equips the minimalist interior design idea. Designed by YLAB Arquitectos, this building features the exquisite and extraordinary shape and detail in clean white color along with the warm, rich wooden tone that creates the cozy vibe. Besides, you can also see the pop of bright color that will make each room feels really interesting.

Looking at the receptionist area, you can see that every of the guests will be welcomed warmly with the abundance of wooden detail within this space. Besides, you can also see the unique and fantastic design for the desk that looks really stylish in its extraordinary shape and crisp white color. The pop of bright pink is seen on the chair, which makes this area looks really interesting. And do not forget about the casual yet stylish waiting room, where the gorgeous white chairs and table are brought in along with the wall-mounted TV.

Extraordinary Office Room with Open Scenic Sights Seen through the Glass Windows on the Tip of the Room

The pop of bright color as part of this astonishing contemporary office design is also seen on the choice of chairs for each room. It is seen clearly because the use of transparent glass for the door, which creates the openness from space to space. As for the office space, you can also see the shiny and glamorous detail as seen on the choice of pendant lightings. Those pieces definitely add accent to the clean white office space. Besides, the choice of white interior also helps making the room appears brighter. This way, the employees will feel convenience while working.

Clear and Unique Office Details Found Anywhere along the Hallway Including Brown Wood and Blue Waiting Room

Contemporary Office Cubical with Luxurious Interior Decorating Concept with Glass and Lighting System to Imitate and Adopt

Creative Boss Room Interior Decor Idea with Bright Neutral Scheme Enhanced by Three Level of Green Colored Chairs

Elegant Wood Details Covered the Background Wall of Receptionist Center with Unique Rounded Ceiling Lamps as Illumination

Exciting Meeting Room with Classic Iron White Rectangular Table with Divider on the Center to Give the User Privacy

Eye Catching White Glossy Modern Office Interior Decorating Project to Please the Employers and Clients as Well

Incredible Wall Details Plan Installed around the Curved Office Cubical with Much of Glossy and Mirrored Accent on the Surface

Interesting Irregular Lining Detail along the Hallway of Office to Lead Everybody into Many Rooms with Different Interior Decor Style

Inviting White Receptionist Counter with Luxurious Design and Eye Catching Red Chair to Match the Wood Backround Wall on the Back

Luxurious Fixture Lamp Design Selection with Semi Triangle Shaped Cover Dominated in Black to Warmer the White Office Interior

Minimalist and Hygienic White Dry Kitchen and Dining Room Area with a Small Studded TV and Modern Equipment for Cooking

Minimalist Transparent Glass Door and Wall to Separate Office Room from Hallway and Waiting Room Area Luxuriously

Modern Furniture Collection of Office in White and Black Color Theme to Match the Whole Office Interior Parts

Neat Meeting Room Interior Decor with Covered Fixture Lamps and Sophisticated Computers to Facilitate the Employers

Tidy Interior Setting of Modern Office Meeting Room with a Couple Meeting Tables and Some Chairs to Complete Them

Unique Shaped Conference Table in White Completed by Several Transparent Chairs and Unusual Reclaimed Wood Wall Detail on Back

Uplifting and Clean Hallway Interior Design with Little Arc and Diagonal Accent on the Ceiling and Wall to Improve Office Interior

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