Contemporary Remodeled House Design in Australia

Honiton Residence project is a contemporary remodeled house designed by MCK Architects. Honiton Residence is located in New South Wales, Australia. The residence building looks stunning from the exterior to interior sides. You should explore the exterior to interior design of Honiton Residence. Look at to the first picture and you will see stone pillars welcoming you at the front side of the house. Honiton Residence looks beautiful in stone veneer wall combines with white wall paints.

Magnificent Honiton Residence in White Concrete Facades White Tiles Terrace and Blue Swimming Pool in Front of Building

You will find the pool area at the rear side of the home. It has built-in concrete bench that covering you from the sunshine. You also can find outdoor kitchen and outdoor patio near the pool area. You will love to see wooden canopy above the outdoor kitchen. Look at to the floor at the patio area and you will see stone flooring material in natural color around the patio area. The exterior side of the house is already represents contemporary remodeled house design perfectly.

You are not yet finish exploring the exterior side of the residence. Look at to the next picture and you will see traditional outdoor fireplace with stone mantle. There is a set of outdoor furniture right in front the fireplace. Go further and you will see open-air deck with floating concrete benches in curved shape. Now, let us see the interior side of the residence. You will love to see contemporary living room in comfort atmosphere. You will see upholstered L-sofa at the living room.

Amazing White Honiton Residence Built in Irregular Shapes and Triangular Tops with White Porch and Blue Sky Swimming Pool

It has contemporary dining room with long wooden table and upholstered chairs in blue color. There are transparent cone chandelier lamps hanging on the ceiling above the dining table. You will find classic fireplace design with concrete mantle at the dining room. You will love to see the picture until the last one. Honiton Residence is such a beautiful contemporary remodeled house concept that makes you amaze.

Accomplished Honiton Residence Decoration Included White Melamine Countertop Three Porcelain Barstools Wooden Partition and Hardwood Floor.jpg

Amazing Honiton Residence Design Using Brown Stone Tiles Wall White Ceramic Floor Concrete Partition with Stripe Lines Perforated Ceiling.jpg

Attracting Honiton Residence Bathroom Wallpaper in Orange Bubble Patterns White Ceramic Bath Shower Stall and Wall.jpg

Awesome Honiton Residence in High White Rams Perforated Ceiling Covering High Stones Piles Included Fireplace Green Seats and Bench.jpg

Colorful Honiton Residence Furniture Included Wooden Bench Table Green Chairs White Sofas and Red and Blue Pillows with Hues Wall Paintings.jpg

Comfortable Honiton Residence Furniture Placed under Concrete Storage with Red Blue and White Pillows and Sofa Three Green Sofas with a Wood Bench

Contemporary Honiton Residence in White Building Included Wall and Attic with Brick Piles Fort in Porch with Some green Plants

Cutting Edge Honiton Residence Stairways in Concrete Steps Wooden and Iron Banister over Hardwood Floor White Wall and Red Door.jpg

Elegant Honiton Residence with Wooden Barrier on Stone Piles Partition Black Floor White Wall Nice Chandelier and Wallpaper.jpg

Fabulous Honiton Residence Decoration of Brown Stairways Terraced Chandelier Wooden Cupboard a Big White Bookcase Pink Sofa and Unique Chair.jpg

Eye Catching Ceiling and Trim in Honiton Residence Prominent White Wooden Beams with Green Sofa and Wood Couch Stone Tiles Floor under.jpg

Hues Honiton Residence Living Room Furniture in Stripes Sofas Red Pillow and Table Orange Rug Sliding Wooden Cabinet.jpg

Luxurious Honiton Residence Living Room Furniture with White and Black Stripes Sofas Red Brown Stones Wall a Gold Chandelier.jpg

Marvelous Honiton Residence Dining Table Using Wooden Table Green Futuristic Chairs Wooden Countertop Red and White Curtain.jpg

Modern Honiton Residence Kitchen Stuff in Rustic Wood Vanity with Porcelain Countertop Sink and Faucet High Wooden Cupboard.jpg

Natural Honiton Residence Gardening with Curving Green Round Object Green Blue and White Pillows in Front of Green Grasses.jpg

Picturesque Honiton Residence Porch Style with Curving Green Sofas with Hues Pillows Wood Table and Chairs on Wood Floor.jpg

Sophisticated Honiton Residence Wall Construction Using White Wall White Crafted Wood Partition Wooden Countertop and Opened Sliding Area.jpg

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