Contemporary Table Inspired by Exotic Cambodian Temple

Does Angkor Wat sounds familiar for you? Yes, it is a famous temple in Cambodia that is also popular for its beautiful scenery. But, today we are not going to talk about this beautiful temple. Instead, we will take you to see a contemporary table designed by Olivier Dollé, a Paris-based designer. What makes this piece is really special is the way Olivier Dollé portrays the beauty of Angkor Wat to be a stylish and contemporary piece in minimalist look.

Fabulous Tree Stalk and Branches Patterned Black Coffee Table Design for Interior and Exterior Home Decor

Looking this contemporary table design that is named as Angkor Table Design Collection, will stun you with its wonderful design. The design is inspired by the beauty of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, which blends the architectural element along with the nature in harmony. The fact that the harmony between both elements, where the tree roots and branches that overrun the walls of the temple, enchants the designer. And the result is this beautiful Angkor Table.

As you can see, the design for this gorgeous Angkor Table appears really stylish in minimalist detail, instead of the exotic ethic style that often features the sophisticated carvings for the details. Yet, the table top exposes structure of birch wood that is finished in black veneered wood. The combination of black dyed table with oak tone of the branch detail creates the eye-catchy contrasting color. Besides, you can also see that this table is also available in clean white tone as well.

White and Brown Wooden Table Design with Tree Pattern Idea Studded on the Table Top in Puzzle Concept

What looks really interesting in this contemporary table design idea is the leaning leg that imitates the natural motion of branch and veneered in the same oak color. Yet, the other three legs are painted in black. As you can see, this beautiful Angkor Table is not only available as coffee table, but also as the writing desk, which will expand the possibilities in adding this piece to your room.

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