Converted Home Project in Contemporary Style Designs

The Rabbit Hole is a precious converted home project designed by LENS ASS Architects. Before the project started, it was an old farm. Now, it changed into a beautiful contemporary family residence as you can see through the picture. The Rabbit Hole looks unique and beautiful from the exterior to interior side of the house. You can see brick wall dominated the exterior side of the house. You will amaze to see the brick gate that leads you to the main area of the house.

Amazing House DM Dining Area in White floor and Furniture Seen from Brick Piles outside Nuance through Wide Opened Wooden Door

Step inside and you will also find curved brick wall that following the building shape. The brick corridor will leads you to the living space inside the house. The architect shows you a great skill by showing you beautiful converted home design that looks better than the old version. You can find nice combination between farm atmosphere and contemporary style. You will love to see every room in this contemporary home building.

You can see the kitchen room from the open-air space at the center of the house. It has wooden double door in farm style that covering the kitchen area. When you open the door, then you will see floor-to-ceiling glass window as the room separator. It has contemporary kitchen design with long concrete bar in white color. There is half-globe pendant lamp in giant size hanging on the ceiling above the long bar. You will love to see black glass partition in the middle of the kitchen island.

Artistic House DM Architecture in Brick Piles Included Narrow Entrance Gate Wall and Flooring Covered by Dark Prefabricated Roofs

It has minimalist home office in simple design. It has grey concrete floors around the room. You also can find wooden stairs that leads you to the attic room. The attic room has a function as kid room that looks impressive with red wall paint. The bathroom looks cool with circular bathtub design. What a great converted home project idea by LENS ASS Architects.

Attracting House DM Attic Designed in Light Red Wall Beams and Rams Ceiling Hardwood Floor White Bed and Couch with Some Hues Toys

Attractive Narrow House DM Alleyway Designed in Bricks Piles for Floor to Top Ceiling Included Small Entry and Down Stairways

Awesome House DM Building in Bricks Flooring and Wall Included Glass Door and Window Covered by Rams Constructions

Amazing House DM Fort Stylized in Narrow Bricks Piles for Floor to Curving and Flat Wall Sideway Ceiling from Glass Door Entry

Brighter House DM Built in Red Brick Piles Wall Brick Paving Floor toward Brick House with Triangular Top and Wide Opened Entry

Classic House DM Constructions Using Bricks Piles Fort in Higher Case for Classic Flooring Under and Opened Dark Room Style

Classic House DM Interior Combination Construction of red Brick Piles and Wooden Style and Furniture through Small Door

Curious House DM Nuance at Night with Lighting System inside through Glass Window Surrounded by Dark Rough Landscape

Cutting Edge House DM Wooden Rams Window Design in Two Partition in Pulling Open and Close Style

Distinguished House DM Entrance Door for White Floor Wall and ceiling Constructions Contrasting to Brick Piles Outside

Enchanting House DM Decoration Top Side for Bricks Deck Wall Side with Dark Prefabricated Roofing Style

Flawless House DM Kitchen Stuff Done in Concrete Cabinet and Countertop Included Sink Vanity and Dining table with brown Chairs

Free House DM Air Penetrating through Wooden Window in Opened and Closed Upper Case in Rolling Style

Great House DM Walkway in Narrow Corridor Included Hardwood floor White Concrete Wall and Partition Beams Ceiling Design

House DM Decoration inside with Outdoor Bricks Piles Construction through Small Hole Door for White and Wood Furniture and Construction

Interesting House DM Fort in Narrow Using Brown Bricks Piled for Flooring Wall Design and Narrow Ceiling with Iron fences

Simple Top Side View of House DM in White Background Included Wooden Bench Desk for Work Room near Opened Door

Simple House DM Furniture Applied in Kitchen Using Wooden Terraced Bench for White Concrete Table in White and Glass Room

Rustic House DM Interior Construction with Wooden Rams vertical Wall Included Hole Door White Concrete Bench Table and White Ceramic Floor

Pretty House DM Ornaments in Dining Area Included Half Round Porcelain Chandelier on Wood Ceiling above Concrete bench Table

Nice House DM Decoration for Brown Wooden Stairways with Black Single Banister on White Ceramic Floor and White Wall

Natural House DM Design with Brick Piles Construction and Smaller Hose in Front with Wooden Door with Green Plants in Terrace

Magnificent House DM Room Decoration Included Long Wooden Bench Brick Construction White Wall and Hal Round Chandelier on Wooden Beam Ceiling

Magnificent House DM Bathroom with White Porcelain Sunken Bath High Stainless Steel Faucet Hardwood Floor and Glass Skylight Ceiling

Long Narrow House DM Corridor Included White Ceramic Floor Wooden Wall and Long Bench with Long Bricks Ceiling

Stunning House DM Brick Walk Building into Infinity Green Natural Space with Dark Prefabricated Roofing Left and Right Side

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