Cool Inspiration for Home Exterior Design

Along with interior design, home exterior design is important aspect in creating fabulous home design. These two aspects are completing each other to build particular impression for your home. You can never leave your exterior plain because that would be the first thing that your guest would see and they give their prejudgment based on the exterior design of your home. That way, it is very important to be careful with the exterior design of your home.

Beautiful Landscape with Fountain Mediterranean Estates Lush Vegetations

The common problem for exterior design is the space. Limited space is sure a problem because you will have limited options for the design. But in the other side, wide space is also a problem. When your front yard is way too wide and you can’t maintain it well, it would look empty and hollow. For that reason, you need smart home exterior design to fix it. Here is a project from Gregory A. Jones Architecture named “Estates” that would be a great example of a smart and optimizing exterior design.

This house has wide front yard that beautifully decorated without making it looks full neither empty. There is a fountain with classic design in line with the gate and the entrance door. This is a smart way to fill up the space because it will create beautiful sight from the gateway to the front door. The pathway from the gate to the entrance area is made rounded around the fountain. The pathway is made from stone to emphasize the classical side of the house.

Fabulous Mediterranean Estates Landscape Green Lawn Palm Tree

Plantation feature is also important for exterior design. The right plantation setting will build up the decoration and beautify the exterior design that you have. Pick coastal vegetation like palm trees to create shady effect on our front yard. These are some home exterior design inspirations you can use as reference to design the exterior of your home.

Amazing Mediterranean Estates Exterior Green Lawn Palm Trees

Awesome Backyard Landscape Green Lawn Mediterranean Estates Exterior

Exciting Mediterranean Estates Entry View Beautiful Landscape Garden

Striking Backyard Landscape Mediterranean Estates Green Lawn Classic Architecture

Stunning Landscape with Fountain And Palm Tree Mediterranean Estates Exterior

Traditional House Architecture Awesome Mediterranean Estates Landscape View

Wonderful Mediterranean Estates Exterior Lush Vegetations Great Architecture

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