Cozy House Built in Luxurious Design

Building the cozy house is very important to make you feel enjoy and comfort when you are on the house. The Cat Mountain Residence which is designed by Cornerstone Architects looks cozy and also luxurious. The residence which is located in Austin, Texas looks big and also large. This house is built in two level house design. The large garden in front of the house which is planted with green grasses, small plants and trees makes the house looks beautiful and also fresh.

Beautiful Living Room Interior Design inside the House which Makes House Design Looks More Gorgeous in Its Appearance

The cozy house plans applied in this house looks luxurious. The exterior house make the house looks amazing. The cream wall exterior design combined with glass windows looks elegant. The wooden panel is also applied in this house where it is applied at the second floor. The triangle roof design makes the house looks chic. This house is also decorated with the good lighting. The good lighting makes the house looks luxurious at the night. Beside it, the good lighting also makes the room and outside house become bright at the midnight.

This big house is also available with rectangular shape which is located behind the house. The design of this swimming pool looks simple. The water of the swimming pool looks clean. The terrace of this house is decorated with the modern furniture. The white sofa is used in this terrace which is face to the swimming pool. A square wooden table is located in front of the white sofas. The built-in lamps attached on the ceiling makes the terrace becomes bright.

Beautiful Evening Terrace with the Exposed Outdoor Fireplace Design which is Designed Well with the Textured Wall Panel

The living room is decorated with the modern furniture. The white sofa with cushions, a rectangle table, and two white tufted chairs are located in the middle of the room. The cozy house design applied in the living room is also decorated with a fireplace that makes the room becomes warm.

Bluish Swimming Pool Color that is Suited with the Beautiful Dining Table Set Design with the outdoor Fireplace of this House Idea

Classic and Vintage Elements Design inside this House which Enhances the House Appearance idea to be the Better Place for Living

Cozy Bedroom Design with the Perfect Night Stand that is Also Completed with the Greyish Head Board Design Inside this House

Exterior Design from this Luxury Home that is Designed with the Perfect Lighting Design as the House Enhancer Design Ide

Fancy Tranquil Environment with the Wall Decoration Design that Makes the Appearance from this House interior Looks so Beautiful

Gorgeous Kitchen House Design with the Stunning Idea to Increase the Appearance from this House Interior idea Which Makes House so Fantastic

Great By Day Cat Mountain Residence with the Large Exterior Decoration that is Going to Enhance the House Appearance Design Idea

Large and Spacious Interior Design with the Bright Inteiror Finish which Makes the House Design Better

Great Combination Between the Terrace and Swimming Pool Design which Comes with the Great Elements to Support Each Other Idea

Rounded Staircase Design which is Designed from the Wooden Stair Tread to Increase the Beauty from this Amazing House Interior Design

Sleek Flooring Design that is Designed from the Wooden Elements to Increase this House Details in House Interior Design

Small Family Sized Swimming Pool which Comes in Blue Finish that Comes from the Swimming Pool Open Plan Living Room Idea

Spacious Dimension of the Gorgeous Living Room Design which is Completed with the Sleek Wooden Flooring Idea

Stylish Design from this Indoor Kitchen Design that Enhances the House Interior is Designed Well with the Sleek Surface Materials

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