Cozy Retreat Interior for Your Peaceful Getaway

If you are planning to visit India soon, you should not miss the chance to stay at this cozy retreat in Khandala. Called as Monsoon Retreat, this cozy space will be a great place for you to spend your holidays in peace and serenity. Opens to the garden and the fresh swimming pool, you will be pleased with the fresh green landscape as well. And do not forget the natural, mute tone of the exterior that blends with the green surroundings perfectly.

Bright Blue Monsoon Retreat Swimming Pool with Some under Water Lighting Ideas to Enlighten the Pool Side Area as Well

Looking at this situation, you can enjoy the sunny tropical days outdoor in this dazzling cozy retreat by hanging around the comfortable lounge area. You can hang around the cozy patio that exposes the concrete brick wall detail that matches the green environment beautifully. If you want to let the fresh air flowing to this space, you can let the folded glass doors open. Then, just enjoy the relaxing and peaceful nuance while comfort yourself on the brown leather sofa.

Other way, you can enjoy the delightful dining time on the luxurious dining space that connects to the fresh in-ground swimming pool directly. Both spaces are separated with the folded glass door too, which will not disrupt the green environment even though it is closed. As for the dining space, you can find the gorgeous wooden dining set that features the lovely classic detail. This space is also beautified with the gorgeous classic chandeliers that will expose the beautiful golden glows during dinner time.

Contemporary Wooden Dining Table Idea for Six Placed in Luxurious Dining Area of Monsoon Retreat with Glass Folding Wall Surrounding It

When your tummy is full with the delightful dishes, you can spend your time on the lovely spacious living room. Equipped with the comfortable seating for this dazzling cozy retreat interior, this room will be a great space for you to gather with your family during your family holidays. The use of transparent glass windows for this space is extending to follow the room length, causing this space appears really cozy and airy, especially during the day.

Cool Cream Cladding Wall of Monsoon Retreat Exterior View with Minimalist Transparency to Display the Interior View of the House

Elegant Cantilevered Monsoon Retreat Terrace with Transparent Glass Walls to Separate the Comfy Lounge from the Outdoor Area

Chic and Cozy Master Bedroom Floor Pan of Monsoon Retreat with Direct Entrance to Allow Everybody Coming from the Stairs

Elegant Transition of Monsoon Retreat Interior and Exterior Sides with Clear Glass Wall Unique Brick Walls and Solid Flooring

Extraordinary Monsoon Retreat Transition Concept with Glass Walls and Cladding Instaled on the Roof and under the First Flooring Part

Clever Space Saving Third Floor Plan Idea of Monsoon Retreat Displayed by the Picture with Smart Wall Unit Installation

Eye Catching Blue Infinity Outdoor Swimming Pool Idea of Monsoon Retreat with Open Terrace Decorated by Couples of Antique Chandeliers

Fabulous Top View of Monsoon Retreat Dining Room Area on Center of Swimming Pool with Transparent Glass Ceiling to Adore

Comfortablle Living Room Floor Plan of Monsoon Retreat with Mini Bar Located on the Corner under the Staircase Area to Benefit

Imposing Garden Viiew of Monsoon Retreat Backyard with Large Tufts Vertical Plantation Trees and Fresh Outdoor Swimming Pool

Incredible Open Monsoon Retreat Bathroom with Natural Wooden Shutter Detail as Room Divider between Bath and Balcony

Inspiring Exterior Details of Monsoon Retreat Architecture with Wood Cocrete Walls Curving Cladding and Random Walk Path and Desert Stones

Contemporary Second Floor Plan of Monsoon Retreat with Classic Staircase Idea to Access Upper Floor Area from the Lower Hallway

Inviting Corner Spot of Monsoon Retreat Interior with a Wing Chair ad a Pot of Flower as Decoration to Enjoy the Exterior Scenery

Memorable Outdoor View of Lake to Enhance the Quaity of Monsoon Retreat for the Owners and Guests as Lovely Living Space

Nice Appearance of Monsoon Retreat First Floor Plan Graphic with Lounge and Home Bar as Basic Room Ideas to Construct Well

Relaxing Indoor Garden Spot inside Monsoon Retreat to Enhance Tranquility and Serenity with Buddha Statue as Point

Romantic Scenery of Outdoor Swimming Pool Side iin Monsoon Retreat with Less of Lighting to Illuminate This Luxurious Residence

Simple Cubical Monsoon Retreat and Its Peace and Comfortable Surrounding to Catch the Wood House Detail as Focal Point

Uplifting Swimming Pool Side of Monsoon Retreat with Flooor to Ceiling Glass Panels to Separate it From Indoor Area

Uplifting Upper Floor View of Monsoon Retreat under The Cladding Ceiling to See Anything under It Including Pool Patio and Lounge

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