Decorating Minimalist Mansion in Rural Area of California

The Decorating Minimalist Mansion is indeed so perfect for residence in rural area, especially when the location is surrounded with subtropical trees. As The Residential Project that is proposed by Dennis Gibbens Architects, the exterior design of the house is so delightful. In addition, the exterior wall is painted in white color so that it really looks so delightful. For the exterior decoration, the glass panel that is installed on the wall really makes the exterior looks more natural.

Breezy Details Terrace of a Modern Property with Bright Exteror Design Applying Awesome Appearance of Architectural Plants

Under the main building that is supported with outdoor column, the small patio is decorated with minimalist furniture. In addition, the yard is decorated with green lawn with square pathways for the stepping-stone. The glass window really looks so enchanting because it is covered with authentic curtain. In addition, the Minimalist House Decor is designed in minimalist style so that white color makes the interior is so lavish. The outdoor pergola that is used to decorate the longue spot really makes the exterior design of the mansion becomes more complete. Back again to the patio, the rubber furniture that has black design really makes the patio has a delightful nuance.

Through the glass panel, the white interior design is so well-furnished with modern furniture as the main furniture decoration. The exterior column of the patio is also designed with perforated model so that it really looks so delightful. For the outdoor balcony at the second floor, the aluminum railing is really the best decoration. The subtropical flowers are indeed embossing the Zen nuance for the mansion. With outdoor pool is decorated with small pond, the patio near the pool deck looks so enchanting. In addition, the exterior is dominated with white color so that the mansion emerges the most elegant view.

Dazzling Transparent Living Room And Piano with Fabulous Dining Sets and an Entrancing Chandelier and an Elegant Piano

The garden dining table that is made from wooden material is also another decoration for the exterior design. In addition, the chairs are made from aluminum material with fabric panel. Therefore, for Minimalist Home Decor Ideas, the exterior design looks so delightful with rural nuance.

Appealing Terrace Vibe with some Alluring Deck of a Pool with Good Outdoor Furniture Arranged Nicely

Architectural Garden Design near a Patio of a Lovely White House with Alluring Plants Arranged Well

Awesome Interior Applied in a Luxurious Bathroom with White Marble Tiles Applied with Fabulous Bathroom Sets Installed

Captivating White Room Details with Flawless Walls and Wooden Floor Displaying Quality Objects Arranged Nicely and Neatly

Good Details Living Area of a Modern Residence with White Meeting Grey as the Interior Design

Immense Pale Pink Bathroom Applied as the Interior Design with Bewitching Bathroom Sets Installed Very Nicely

Imposing Area of a Room with an Entrancing Chandelier and with Neat Transparence Found on the Glass Panels

Inspiring Living Room Colours which is Applied with Minimalist Modern Interior with Alluring Furniture Arranged Nicely

Modern Corridor of a Modern House Details with Wooden Floor Covered with some Alluring Rug with Some Built in Storage on the Wall with Glass Windows

Modern Swimming Pool of a Fabulous Residence Applying Architectural Pool Design with Two Spots with Furniture Arranged

Nice and Fascinating Exterior Details Displaying Awesome Grassy Spot Cut by an Appealing Alley with Some Architectural Plants on the Spot Adjacent to the Wall

Nice and Lovely View of an Outdoor Area of a Contemporary Property with Architecturally Minimalist Arrangements of Plants

Phenomenal and also Impeccable Bright Interior of a Modern Residence with Fabulous Light Wooden Flooring Design

Pretty Libray in the Upper Floor applying Glass Walling with Library Sets Arranged Nicely Including the Books on the Bookshelf

Wondeful White Detail of Some Contemporary Interior of a Room with a Modern Staircase as Part of the Room

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