DIY Home Decoration Utilizing the Rough Concrete Element

Despite the rough and dry characteristics, concrete element can be a great material used for your DIY home decoration. Even though it is often known as difficult material to work with, the final result will not be dissatisfying. You can even make any useful features using concrete which can provide another striking charm into your home interior.

Gorgeous White Painted Concrete Planter on Wooden Railing outside House near Garden Filled with Chic Plants

One of the simplest DIY concrete features you can make easily with less time is this concrete table top. Look at this simple white table which concrete table as one of the brilliant DIY home decorating ideas surely can provide exquisite texture. This even works better in your minimalist home interior, doesn’t it?

There are many ways to make your wall space looks lovelier. Well, we all know how wonderful wallpaper or new paint color is. However, why don’t you give this concrete wall decor? Formed in heart shape, this piece surely can help you delivering the love throughout your home.

Concrete is also a great element for your festive decorations. For example is this beautiful concrete candlestick which will be absolutely perfect for your Christmas decoration. We really love how the cool light grey shade of concrete can be beautified with shimmering golden paint for more elegant look.

Beautiful Flowers and Plants Installed in Gray Concrete Diy Planter on Wooden Table Decorated Light Blue Wall

The durability of concrete material makes it totally perfect for your kitchen countertop. Just take a look at this modern kitchen which concrete countertop surely can stand out easily, especially if this cooking space is designed in minimalist interior style. Both beautiful and functional, this countertop surely can resist the stain and heat, which is the top requirement for any countertop material.

Perfect for you who love reading and having a wide collection of books, this concrete bookend is surely hard to miss, right? It is even absolutely easy to make, even though you prefer to have a monogram on it. One of the inspiring DIY crafts here surely can make your bookshelf looks more beautiful!

Appealing Gray Concrete Diy Planter after Dislodged from the Frame Mold with no Plants inside It

Captivating Gray Concrete Holders Planter after the Planter become Solid Could be Applied in Garden

Awesome Gray Concrete Candle Holders with Short and High Candle with Different Size Could be Applied above Fireplace

Cute Baby Blue Colored Pendant Lamp Hanging above Table with Concrete on Top Decorated Modern Fruits Bowl

Fabulous Gray Concrete Diy Planter Mold Frame with Four Different Shapes Could be Transformed as Beautiful Planter

Impressive Gray Colored Concrete Candle Holders with Thin and Slim White Candle Installed on Round Wood Stool

Interesting Book Holder Concrete with Gray Painting Ideas Decorated B Pattern Applied on White Painted Bookshelves

Mesmerizing Concrete Heart without Painting Applied as Door Handles with White Painting in Wood Glass Cabinets

Modern White Colored Fruits Bowl on Gray Table with Concrete on Top Decorated White Painted Table Legs

Stunning Gray Concrete Kitchen Countertop Mixed with White Painted Cabinets under It and Gray Tiled Backsplash

Amazing White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Applied under Gray Concrete Kitchen Countertop Mixed White Tile Backsplash

Wonderful Mold Frame of Gray Concrete Holders before the Planter became Harden that Could Fill with Plants or Flowers

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